Ace Combat 5, er, situation

I traded in a bunch of games today at EB with a $5.00 + coupon per gamer and had a total of about $180 to spend. I grabbed Ace Combat 5, Rachet and Clank: Going Commando, Mario Golf Advance, Missing and Far Cry (used).

Then I learned that for about $170 or so, you can get the joystick and throttle with Ace Combat 5, which also works with Ace Combat 4. Trying to FIND Ace Combat 4 is nearly impossible around there, however.

Anyone know if the joystick/throttle is compatible with PCs? I might think about grabbing if it is, but then, obviously, I’d have to return all the other games.

Any information or advice?

From what I read on the forums, there seems to be a fan-made driver that allows the Hori FlightStick 2 to work on the PC, but you have to manually set it up; there’s no interface for it.

Here’s a link to the driver:

I can confirm that the controller and throttle works for the PC quite wonderfully with those drivers. You even get a nice GUI in control panel for tweaking, and of course calibration.

I tested it with Freespace 2 and it works swimmingly, except that there is no dead zone for the throttle and so rebinding keys was made difficult to impossible. I didn’t spend much effort trying to figure past that little issue, so I hope there is a solution.

BTW AC4 and 5 are smoking fun playing with this monstrosity.

Yea, in retrospect, I could/should have probably have searched for that myself. Thanks though.

I dunno, I think I’m better off just buying a set that is made for the PC. That looks way too iffy, and I’d probably mess up large. Plus, the fact that it’s in Japanese doesn’t help.

At least I get to keep Rachet and Clank GC.

The drivers self install by double clicking the file. No different from pretty much any set of drivers you download. No real japanese to work around or serious conflicts that can fub up. Just sayin…


Well, AC4 is out, as I am sans credit card and I’ve looked everywhere for it around here.

But I guess I could pick up Century of Fligh or something.

Better than R&C: GC, Mario Gold Advance and Farcry though?