Ace Combat 5

These can’t be gameplay screens, even for cinematics they look incredible.

How was Ace Combat 4? I’ve been looking for an action/sim.

Not knowing this “simulation” series does it even remotely try to recreate a decent flight simulation experience on a console ? Ie. flight models, damage models, etc. ?

Well, from the demo I think I saw for it tonight - I think there’s a love story buried in it. Crazy Japanese. Yeah, it’s the moral story of “we’re fighting a war and my ex girlfriend (hot) is fighting for the other side…”

But yeah, everything they showed looked like a cutscene - and I think it was.

Ace Combat 4 is a lot of fun. Lots of pretty blasting and shooting shit up.

Therefore, you’d hate it, Sean. No 30 min. flights to the FLOT, massive button workload, etc. etc.

Fun game though. Shame about it’s last mission, which is an obnoxious boss fight.


Saw Ace Combat 5 at E3. It looks fantastic, but not as good as those shots. Those must be from cutscenes. Still, it’s one of the best looking PS2 games out there, and the visual flaws from the PS2’s dated graphics hardware aren’t noticeable during the action.

These are pure action games, but filled with all kinds of real-life planes. Totally different experience from PC sims, but fun in their own right.

[size=1](Unlike, say, Secret Weapons Over Normandy. :twisted: )[/size]

I’m interested in trying a simple sim, something good for a newbie, but I’d rather not buy a joystick or throttle, basically because I’m broke.

I’m not really interested in the hardcore rules and such though. I just to act out the scene from Behind Enemy Lines.

Hey I have nothing against fun - I love playing Desert Combat and Battlefield Vietnam and they are as far from realistic as you can get.

I do draw the line at a game that sells itself as a simulation - but this isn’t the case with Ace Combat after having read about it. The trailers look fantastic. It’s like an updated Strike Commander. :wink:

[size=1]Unlike that POS Secret Weapons Over Normandy. (sigh)[/size]