Ace Combat 6

Our guys in japan visited Namco Bandai earlier this week and were told that Ace Combat 6 was going to be released later this year for the X Box 360 and that the whisper was that it was going to be a huge hit. Is this right?

The game is announced for Xbox 360 since a while.
I also think there was / is a demo for it already out.

No idea about the hit potential though.

Tried the demo, and while it was pretty it felt like an odd mix of arcade and light sim to me. Unlimited missiles (+ some super missile that fired at four targets at once?) and an insane amount of enemies. World look very realistic, with photorealistic fighters and city.
I couldn’t orient me at all in the demo mission and had no idea what to do but shoot down a billion of enemies, but that might appeal to people I guess.

Thats all you were supposed to do in the demo; Blow up the transport Helicopters or planes or some shit before they dropped off tanks, and then kill any bombers that were raiding the city.

So basically, fire indiscriminately.