Acer Laptop volume control buttons have stopped working

Hey guys, I only got this laptop about a month ago and the volume control buttons seem to have stopped working. I press them and the volume bar doesn’t show up at all. Consequently, my computer seems to be stuck on mute because of this. The sound control itself on the computer is on/not muted.

Any idea on what to do? It’s a vista system and the computer is a Aspire 5735-6694

Sounds suspiciously like a driver issue. Have you checked the settings in Control Panel?

Mine has the keyboard locking up from time to time. Only thing that helps is shutdown / start up (its 2 months old).

Yeah, it’s drivers. Reinstall them.

We have one Acer multimedia laptop and this happened once. The solution was to remove the battery from the laptop. Just turning the power off was not enough to clear the snafu.