Never in my life have I read a comic strip with any regularity, but Achewood is astoundingly good. You have to get a feel for the characters before you can really appreciate it, but it’s well worth the investment required.

Hit the site and go to the “Jump to a Story Arc” dropdown. Choose “The Party” to jump back a couple years to the sequence where a lot of the characters are introduced. After you read 10 or 20 of them, you will have a good idea whether or not it will appeal to you.

Also worth noting that there is often a joke in the alt-text for the image.

i stole my avatar which i use on other forums from achewood.

there was supposed to be a properly released book coming out of the first years worth of strips. but i don’t know what happened.

anyways, i like it a lot. even if i haven’t read it for ages.

He has 4 books that you can order directly from him that contain all of the web comics as well as some recipes and other extra stuff.

Another thing he’s been doing for a while is blogging for most of his characters. They don’t come out all that regularly, but the blogs are spot on and it’s intersting to see him work in a longer form than a 6 or 8 frame comic.

And for everybody else, I’m linking to a few comics here to give you an idea of what to expect:

Phillipe is a 5 year old stuffed Otter. Ray and Roast Beef are cats who have a new Startup. 1 2
Flower Plot: 1 2
This will definitely be of interest to you guys.
Subway Wars Vlad (robot), Pat (cat), and Lyle (stuffed tiger) each own competing subways in the area. 1 2 3