Achievement whoring. . . sometimes you get what you deserve

So all this weekend I’m in Infinity Mode in Dead Rising trying to get the “3 Day Survivor” Achievement. I hole up in locked areas with food. I fight my way through zombie crowds. I kill psychos. I wait and wait, playing the game in splitscreen while watch The Company and doing other stuff. Bt bascially, I spent hours trying to get this acheivement.

Day 2, hour 23 rolls around. Since you can’t look at your watch in Infinity mode you have to go in between an area that loads to see how long you have survived. I wait. I wait. I don’t the see “Acheivement Unlocked” popup. I wait some more. I run around and get to an area where it loads. Time Survived: 3 Days 2 hours. WTF?

I then look at the Acheivement List and figure out it already unlocked, months ago, when I played through the game in normal mode.

Yeaaahhhhhh, I’m an idiot. I couldn’t see leaving my 360 on all night and trying another 2 days tonight for the 5 day. I dove into a pack of zombies and ended it right there.


But it got me thinking, Dead Rising 2 needs co-op, badly. I’d love to hole up in some store, running low on food, making food runs like in the original Dawn of The Dead.

Hadn’t there been news of DR 1 co-op coming as an add-on? What happened to that?

Coop would be nice. I’m only playing DR for the first time right now. I’ve had to restart twice and haven’t made it to the second morning! I keep missing some time limit scoop and it will ruin the story line. But I’m learning, and I’m level 10 now, so it should be easier this time.

But a sandbox coop mode would be awesome.

AFAIK, that was just a rumor: haven’t heard anything more about it since.

Dead Rising co-op rumor was shot down by a high up at the company a few months ago. Thus, my hope for Dead Rising 2 co-op. I want a whole TOWN this time. Incidentally, Shaun of The Dead got this down pretty much perfectly. The more times I see it the higher it goes on my zombie movie list.

Yeah, Dead Rising gets the Dawn of the Dead feel right, but Shaun of the Dead supersized it.
Like I’ve said before, the Dead Rising co-op patch should be Dead Rising 2.

Ignorance was bliss. My day just got a little darker.

Ah well. Hope transferred to sequel!

Dead Rising is a weird game to me. Whenever I pick it up again, I fall in love really fast. Great action, cool story, graphics, etc. But then something really freaking annoying happens, like I miss out on a case because of the terrible AI, or I have to run around like an idiot dodging enemies because I can’t fight while Otis is talking to me. Then I put the game down. A 1.1 patch that fixes stuff like this would really do wonders.

How about we meet halfway and go with the Mall of America?

I’ve recommended this before, but I really think the best way to do infinity mode, and the way I was able to tolerate it long enough to get the mega man stuff and achievement, is to start it with someone else, talking to them via xbox live voice comms, and continue to talk the whole while you play. It makes it a lot more fun to be sharing the experience with someone, and makes the time spent hiding in rafters or on top of bookshelves, for example, less aggravating. I still have pleasant memories of talking to Guido, Xaroc, and Dusty on my first failed run, when I fell asleep at something like 2 days and 20 hours. So annoying.