Acronis vs. Macrium for HD backup?

Any guidance here on which is the better choice for hard drive backup, Acronis vs, Macrium? I’m just looking for pretty simple regular backup of the HDs on a couple of personal laptops.


Macrium Reflect Free is good. I pony up for paid Macrium now.

Acronis is too bloated these days.

Agree. I used to live and die by Acronis, and PartitionMagic before that. Now I use Macrium.

I jumped on the Acronis bandwagon years ago because of recommendations here when looking for a new backup solution (also used PartitionMagic and Ghost in the past). The 2016 version (released in 2015) was the last one I bought and will be seeking something else next time. The free version of Macrium would be fine but it lacks encryption and incremental backup support, two things I use, and the Home version is relatively expensive compared to what I’m used to for a backup solution (would be about $90+ CDN). Still, it’s been on my radar since that last Acronis purchase.

Just cloned my hdd to a new ssd with Macrium. Worked like a charm. Very easy to use

You can contact sales email address or better yet their social media contacts and see if they have a competitive side upgrade offer or other promos.

The last straw with Acronis was when they kept pushing their cloud crap with TrueImage and pointless yearly upgrades following the EA tradition of appending years.

Macro in averages 1.5-2 years between major versions.

Also, Macrium Reflect has differential backup in the free version!

Yep, PowerQuest PartitionMagic was revolutionary when it came out. Symantec’s Norton Ghost squandered all that good will and ran its Ghost product and the other PowerQuest products into the ground. I found out when I took enterprise training on Ghost and found its code + UI had barely changed from the Win95 days and still supported super old bullshit like 3Com NICs in it’s pre-boot environment.

Acronis TrueImage was already out for a couple of versions at that time and was totally slick in comparison.

With a new computer on the horizon I am looking at Imaging Software and in particular Macrium Home Edition which includes the Guardian functionality (protection of Macrium backup files from ransomware).

Any thoughts on how high the ransomware protection is? I plan to backup to my 2nd System HD for fast restore if needed but also backup to an External HD which will be disconnected after imaging and theoretically safe. The Macrium Guardian states it protects the backups from ransomware but I am thinking that would be even more true if a backup is on the disconnected External HD.

Another thought - does anyone save their image backups in the cloud? I would think that trying to backup to the cloud if it is connected to the computer the files could also be susceptible to an attack? Macrium does not seem capable of directly backing up to the cloud so it would be more of storing the backup files on the cloud but have safe are Macrium Backups on a cloud if someone else can use Macrium to open them (hopefully that are using some type of encryption that only your own copy could use them and not another copy of Macrium).

“Ransomware protection” is just a system-level write-protect on the image files.

Macrium all the way though.

Well this is disappointing.

Acronis True Image is now a SAAS “security” bundle offering:

The writing was on the wall for that, but I’m disappointed they don’t offer an alternative non-subscription backup solution. I’ll likely move on to something else for my next update, as no way I’m paying $75+ CAD yearly for it (and that’s the base subscription).

I’ve long since moved to Macrium Reflect.

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I’ve long since moved to Macrium Reflect.

Yes, I am glad I moved to Macrium too thanks to the recommendations of people here at QT3.

Just discovered Macrium Reflect too and was pretty happy that now I have a backup of my Windows C:\ drive. It also creates a nice restore USB disk for me to boot from and restore should a disaster happen. I am currently using the Free Reflect 7. Do they have sales normally? I wouldn’t mind picking up a Home Edition for cheap.

They do have sales around the holidays, check their Twitter or FB profile.

I will keep an eye out. Would love to have the daily incremental backups and the files and folders backup. At this moment, I am using Windows’ built-in File History for files and folders backup.

I got my copy of Reflect last Black Friday at a very good price.

@habibi Reflect has a 20% off upgrades until Oct 18 with code WX2-FJG-DCE (not sure if unique, it was emailed to me)

You could tweet at them @MacriumReflect to see if they have any offers for new customers