Act of Valor (2012)

It’s one thing to have a movie about Navy Seals starring action movie retreads (Michael Biehn) and assorted idiots (Charlie Sheen), but it’s another to have one where all the Navy Seal characters are actual active duty Navy Seals.

Definitely looks interesting and probably a somewhat unique movie experience, one that hasn’t been done since… well, WW2 I guess.

Oh, I’m also guessing this is kinda the “CoD: Modern Warfare” movie… (or Battlefield 3 I guess)

— Alan

‘Act of Valor’ hits theaters February 17, 2012


I think it looks pretty good. Could it be Black Hawk Down 2012? Who knows!

Just saw the trailer, and I will say that, on a visual level, this looks fantastic in the sense that all the military stuff is actually real and fantastically shot. By that, I mean that it’s not CG or Hollwyood trying to mod a civilian chopper into the real thing, or filming on a retired WW2-era navy vessel. They’re actually using current military hardware and vehicles and tactics.

I was hoping this was an adaptation of that fantastic book The Gift of Valor, but nope. That was Marines, this is Navy. Watching the trailer made me think that the SEALs may be gifted in so many ways they are nearly inhuman. Their line delivery is not one of those ways. Plus, they may be using real military hardware, but it looks like there’s lots of CGI or gasoline-bomb explosions, not to mention copious Hollywood cliches.

Actual frag grenades are not sexy.

The frag grenades stuck out pretty badly. Lots of sexy warporn otherwise.

It’s funny how even ‘real’ actors in a regular movie can’t do better with the normal life bits of a movie like this. In Sands of Iwo Jima, a John Wayne movie, the parts involving John Agar and his girlfriend are equally stilted. Of course, some would argue John Agar wasn’t a ‘real’ actor either…

In this movie I thought the part with the boats was the best. The other thing I think they communicated well was how the SEALs are so effective partly because these are exceptionally trained, equipped, tactically informed, and disciplined guys going against people who basically know how to fire a gun and that’s it.

John Agar is stilted at best.

— Alan