Act of War demo any good?

must… resist… L33T… SP3@K…

so, 600mb demo for Act of War. Worth the download? Anything to recommend it over, say, Dawn of War (which I recently completed and haven’t played nearly enough skirmish with), or Kohan 2, or <your fave RTS here>…?


Looks like a slicker Command and Conquer, with much better graphics and sound.

It’s quite fun, and though it doesn’t quite have the immediate gratification that Dawn of War gave, I quite like this and am looking forward to its release in March 2005.

Its not bad. Updated C&C basically with great graphics and the traditional “meh” UI. My only complaints would be I had a few weird freezes in mission where I had to alt-tab out a couple of times to get it to unfreeze and the fact that its a 650mb demo and 1.44GB install for one bloody mission.

It’s quite a good RTS: the graphics are nice, the interface isn’t irritating, the units are fun, and the setting is interesting. It didn’t really grab me as anything special, though. The action wasn’t quite exciting enough and there wasn’t any real challenge. I don’t mean I want a hard game, necessarily, just one that engages me on several levels: exciting and with interesting obstacles. Most of the mission consisted of the usual RTS level mechanics of waiting until I had a large enough army to overwhelm my opponent. There was nothing pushing me forward, no threat of the enemy getting too powerful and no exciting draw to encourage me to finish the mission quicker. I actually went off and made a cup of coffee while leaving my army to build up: there was that little pressure on me.

Tim, is this based on the demo or have you managed to take on the full game? I’m a bit hesitant to draw the conclusion the the game may be easy since the demo mission appears the be the first mission in a campaign (given the overwhelming amount of money and airpower you have, plus the fact that you can’t build tanks etc.) Traditionally the early missions are cakewalks. If that’s the case, then this may not be a good indicator of difficulty.

Yes, it was the demo. I was replying to the title of the thread ;). I agree that the first level should be easy, but you can instill a sense of urgency without forcing the player to reload the mission over and over again. The mission didn’t have that. Maybe other missions are better, but you’ll have to wait for the full reviews to discover that :).

the interface isn’t irritating

I found it uninspiring considering all the rts games that came out last year and before it. It still doesn’t have a system for unselecting units via left or right click which is very very irritating when you give the wrong orders to the wrong units.