Act of War

I really enjoyed C&C generals, and this game looks like it might be very similar. Has anyone played this beyodn the demo? What do you think of it?

Big ol’ thumbs up, especially if you’re a fan of C&C Generals.

How much do they show in the demo? Is it a canned mission, or do you get to try each of the three sides?


I pretty much like it, but the FMVs are way too lame for me to like. I’m all for satire and intentional cheese, but that’s not what these FMVs are. They’re just bad. The game itself is fun, with some decent differences between the three sides. I really like the Army’s ability to evac wounded soldiers and damaged vehicles back to the hospital/repair depot with the touch of a button. The single player campaign is extremely scripted so far, but I’m not very far along.

The demo is just the first Task Force mission, the attack on Egypt. Doesn’t give you a tatse of the other two sides at all.

And for the record, the three sides are officially “American”, “American”, and “Evil.” Gotta love it.

My opinion is just from playing the demo so take it for what you will. Some nice things: They have a really cool and flashy UI. I like the way you lay down airstrikes. They did a good job of capturing the “Tom Clancy modern warfare genre”, which I like a lot. They also have a cool resource mechanic where you capture guys for money. You can then interrogate them to reveal the shroud of an area of the map for a short time.

I didn’t like the demo mission (which to answer Tom’s question was just one canned mission). Way too long and you have to use the same tiny selection of units to do the whole thing. It should have been 1/3 the length of what it ended up being. And they should have given me some new units as I progressed.

Also, our audio guys are about 99% certain they stole some of the sounds from Generals. Heh.

Links? Anyone? Please?

Thanks :)

And I like this one:

Do they have super weapons and are the three unique like they were in generals?

Don’t know if there’s actual “super weapons”, but there’s multiple varieties of airstrikes, off-map artillery barrages, etc.

I can’t get past the Flash hell on those sites. Can someone tell what this game is all about, please?

Yes, each side has a superweapon, but they’re all pretty much nukes of different colors. The US has a nuclear missile, Task Force Talon gets a badass arty unit (Big Bertha!), and the Consortium hijacks satellites and brings them crashing down to earth. Even cooler, though, is that each side has a distinctive counter to the superweapons.

Also, every side has the evac ability Orpheo mentioned. It’s a significant game mechanic that adds a really nice twist.


Aha, and that’s all on top of a standard RTS engine? But there’s no peons picking apples from trees, I guess?

The only resource is money, a la C&C Generals, but there are a few ways to get it.

  1. The main resource gathering means is running trucks between an oil derrick and a refinery.

  2. On some maps, there are banks you can capture; if you leave a little dude in there, he’ll embezzle its funds.

  3. Finally, you can capture wounded enemy soldiers and imprison them for a steady – and infinite! – ransom income, which becomes very important in the endgame when everyone’s sucked all the other resources dry.


This sounds sweet. How is the faction diversity in relation to C&C generals?

Anyone tried multiplayer yet?

The faction diversity is there, but it’s nowhere near the level of Generals. Which is sort of an unfair comparison, because Generals is one of the top-notch RTSs in terms of making each side play differently.


Well I tried this multi player last night with a friend and played the consortium. I lost horrably because I didn’t even know what half the units did and it seems that standard army grunts en mass owned everything, even ‘antii-infantry’ vehicles. Furthermore army tanks owned my anti-tank infantry. It seemed a no-win for the consortium.

However, something happned that really pissed me off. Something I have not seen since the days of patching fallout and fallout2. To play muti-player I required a patch.

After the patch, the patch notes came up and said “All previous saved games are incompatable.”. This is total BS. No game should ever do this. At worst you should provide a conversion utility to upgrade saves to the new format, but you should never force the player to start the entire campiegn over again.

Brief comments:

It crashes on me occasionally when loading a new scenario. Admittedly I haven’t patched yet (just found out there was one by looking at this thread) but the DVD-style chapters make going back to where you are supposed to be somewhat painless (DeepT: you can use this to just skip to the point in the AWESOME STORY! where you left off.)

There’s some serious cognitive dissonance going on here. The graphics are SO good, they at times look like a Tom Clancy-esque satellite view of the action. Shadows, shading, motion, all work very well. The problem is that they are put in the service of a story that a five year old could poke holes in - basically, an excuse to fight battles in/destroy several major metropolitan areas.

I especially enjoyed when the US military noted with somewhat defeatist aplomb that “terrorists” had seized Washington DC. I mean, come on guys. The last time this happened was in 1812. I’m pretty sure that, at some point, our awesome military industrial complex would notice armor divisions tooling around I-495. Also, I’m pretty sure that when you have the bad guys throwing tanks, artillery, and air support at you, they’re no longer “terrorists”. Unless you considered the Wehrmacht or the Red Army “terrorists”, which I guess you could, sort of.

The full motion video has wildly varying quality, but overall it’s probably wasted effort; again, the budget is high enough that you start noticing when it’s not high enough (such as when they switch from actual to digital sets).

I was also vastly amused by Gen. McCaffrey’s quote in the marketing about how “based upon my experience, this game is the best representation of the terrorist threat/military response matrix.” It’s good to know that the army war college is using Red Alert 2 for threat assessment purposes. If the Commies ever send war zeppelins over American skies, we are SO ready.

However, the storyline did have Earnest American Hero barking “Sir! Permission to pop a cap in his ass!” at one point, so it can’t be ALL bad.

How do I skip the most glorous story to where I was? I can skip to my most recent campeign scenerio and just start that one over?

Ill agree the story is painfully bad, thankfully you can skip most of the cut scenes.

There is one major multi-player bug that came up more then a few times last night, which was invisible units. I do not mean ‘stealth’, but invisible. For example there was an invisble tank shooting building in my base. I could see where the shots were comming from, but nothing was there shooting. I could not target or detect this in any way. Which brings a most proabable critical bug…

The sims are not synched and beleive what the other client says. In other words, unless you play with friends, expect the most outragious rampit cheating to be going on with the least amount of effort from any hackers.

I sure hope this is not the case. It would really bother me that anyone would even publish a RTS without some kind of synch feature, without it, your game has the same security rating as windows 95.

Yeah. It’s called “Chapter Select” or something similar. Looks identical to a DVD chapter menu.

To play muti-player I required a patch.

It’s a day zero patch. You can play against other players if they don’t patch either, but I don’t know what you’d want to.

After the patch, the patch notes came up and said “All previous saved games are incompatable.”.

Yeah, this is pretty annoying, but again, this is a day zero patch. Also, you can pick up the campaign from anywhere you want, at any time. The only thing you’d lose are mid-mission saves.

As for making fun of the story – come on, guys! I mean, seriously, this isn’t Blizzard. If you’re picking it up for the story, you’ve only got yourself to blame. It’s based on a Dale Brown book, which barely even ranks as bargain rate airport thriller reading.


DeepT, I’m going to apologize in advance, because I know you mean well, but you’ve just demonstrated much of what’s wrong with gamers hopping online and opening their pie-holes as soon as a game comes out.

You admitted that you don’t know what the units do. This is exactly what seems to be happening here. It sounds like you’re getting hit by artillery from outside your line of sight.

But rather than learn how to play, you complain that it’s a bug? Your first instinct is to blame the game, not yourself, even when you realize you don’t know how to play.

If you’re the Consortium, which I believe you said you were, you can research counter-artillery radar for your Pirhanas to see where the shots are coming from. Otherwise, try scout the area around you base. The Consortium’s HIPs are great for quick scouting, because they’re inactive so much of the time.

Anyway, apologies for coming down so hard on you. I’ve been playing for a few weeks on a variety of different rigs and have seen no multiplayer bugs with invisible units. It’s perfectly cool if you don’t like Act of War, but you’re out of line when you criticize it for being buggy when the fact of the matter is that you simply don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps you might consider that a failure of the game, but I for one welcome an RTS with sophisticated and complex unit interactions like Act of War has.