ACTION #1 has been scanned

That’s pretty cool - nice to see how much the characters changed

I found it amusing how Superman tried to keep the US out of WW2.

Saving the innocent from execution? Man.

Saving a white woman from execution? Yeah, I’m sure that scenario presented itself often :D

Superman’s first words ever were “Make yourself comfortable! I haven’t time to attend to it”?

Not to be nitpicky, and I know the thing is 1000 years old, but…dang.

I liked the fact that Pa Kent, later an honest Kansas farmer, first appears with a Euro-style 30s goatee.

He looks like James Lipton!

There’s no indication in the comic that Superman was found in Kansas. It just says he landed on Earth and he was picked up and put up for adoption. Which makes Smallville ALL LIES!

How innocent was the era that produced this comic? When was the last time you ever saw government scientists portrayed so benevolently?

What a gem that is for various reasons.

I like the cop in Sticky-Mitt Stimson ordering the other cops to “Watch this alley f’r strike trouble.” They are all lined up with their nightsticks out, ready to bust unionizer heads. Direct link.

The whole boxing story is just racial caricatures.

There’s a typo on this page, maybe that’s why that comic is so valuable? :P

Finally, the back cover is a Johnson Smith ad! Kids have been ordering junk from them for longer than I thought.

I think he’s an orphanage attendant.

Wow, evil lobbyists have been around forever!

A physical structure millions of years more advanced than ours? When did this change to a different color sun?

I can’t believe someone scanned the book. Even in the horrible condition it’s in the book has still got to be worth thousands.

I can’t believe comics used to have so many pages. And there isn’t an ad on every other one.

the art in scoop scanlon is awesome.