Action figures (and other toys)

As a kid I really liked action figures. Unfortunately I couldn’t have too many as a child. To begin with they were very hard to come by where I lived, and online overseas shopping wasn’t an option because the internet was not invented yet. I was lucky though in that my grandparents lived in the US and they sent a few over the years so I had a Superman, Spiderman and a small Batman. I played a lot with these 3. I wish I remembered what happened to them.
These days I’ll buy the occasional toy, but always small stuff. Unfortunately I never got rich so I can’t justify splurging on these as much as I’d like.

Anyway for last Christmas I got this guy. He’s standing on my night stand from where he menaces evildoers in the bedroom. I think my former child self would marry him.

So, anyone else has a cool toy to share?

Damn. That’s really cool.

What are the gauntlets and boots about? Are they the kryptonite gloves he used to beat the shit out of Superman?

No, The figure is based on the armored Batman model from the AA game.

And, no, it’s not for sale.


Is that Windows XP??! I mean, I know it is, but why is it?

Thats pretty awesome marxeil.

I used to have action figures as a kid as well, but those weren’t specific people, but just generic soldier types with various gear and clothing, mostly camoflage. They also came with weapons and I even had a jeep at once point where 4 of them could be in.
I think that at one point or another, they all lost their heads though. War is hell!

Is that “Mooby”?

These guys are less “action” and more “hang around my desk” figures.

They aren’t from anything, I just like them because I made them.

I don’t have toys at my work desk, but I do have this badass Lego Space Marine that keeps my monitor safe from Mooby and Batman.

There’s a whole thing about that cow

My aunt liked to give kids ‘collections’ as presents. One thing every year. My brother got model cars, my cousin got movie posters.

Me? Me, I got those little pewter dragons and wizards with the little crystals embellishments. I guess I was that much of a nerd even at four years old, when it started.

After I stopped getting them, it seems like things took a turn for the weird:

What size is that? If it’s small enough it’d look bitchin’ with a WH40k White Scars army.

I think it’s a little bigger than 40k scale.

So it seems like the company that made these dragons and wizards during my childhood also had a line of motorcycle figurines.

Fair enough. But in these tough financial times, we all have to tighten our belts, even if it means merging two awesome things into one totally fucking incredible thing.

I’ve discovered that, without having originally intended to “collect” them, I have a large set of Lego minifigures. Many of them now adorn my desk.

I somehow have a small collection of lego mini figuirines as well, my wife occaisionally buys them for me. With nowhere else to go, mine also adorn my monitor:

Note, I too have a ‘Batman’, but sadly one of the DJ’s had to be sacrificed to suffer eternity as a zombie. I have no idea how that pony got in there…

Also, above my monitor on a bookshelf, Astroboy stands guard:

That’s cool. What are they made of?

Thanks! I’ve been learning how to make molds and cast polyester resin. I wanted to make some blank paintable figures without paying $10 a pop for a Dunny figure every time. I wound up spending… well let’s just say more, but it’s been a lot of fun.

These motorised dragons are awesome. Who’s the company who makes them?

I always liked action figures. i used to collect the old teenage mutant ninja turtles figures. sadly, i have only few left.

but there is one of my most prized possessions :)

the skull easily falls from the hand and i fear not finding it one day!

I has toys.