Action figures (and other toys)

Picked up some generic soldiers to guard my workstation. Joytoy keep knocking these figures out of the park. (4")

Joytoys are great. Love the articulation and detail. That anime dude fits in pretty well with the us soldiers too.

The guardians of my PC are a little different.

And, of course, my guide and mentor:

Is this a good thread to post about some my latest Gundam model kits? If not, feel free to remove.

I’m not too good with painting and weathering (though I feel inspired and motivated by some of the amazing work in the “painting miniatures” thread, but here is my best attempt at a “deserty” Zaku Sniper:

My most recent build is this here Gundam Alex, which came out way better than I expected it to.

Those look awesome, no objections to them in this thread!

I think your painting is pretty impressive. How did your achieve these weathering effects?

Dude, we have a hobby desk thread!!!

That’s were my Gundams go.

The hobby side of the forum is split between different threads. This is good to, and I think the painting miniatures would be?

That said, that Desert Zaku looks very good, specially since it seems it’s unpainted plastic weathered over? But yeah, the other gunpla builders around here that I know of lurk around that one :)

I’m currently working on a mechanicore Kyrosa-Q. More than halfway done, but thing is a beast (1299+ pieces) and my time limited lately. I’m hoping to have it finished by end of summer.

Nice job with the weathering.

If you want inspiration, this guy’s work has been making the rounds recently. He does separate making-of videos where he shows the stop motion process.

I might need one of these. $34.99 is a little pricey though.

Love that one! those animations are so sweet!

It’s a wild time to be into toys. Somewhere, someone will make everything.

I love that concept, but never been a Tom & Jerry fan. But some Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes versions (like post-ACME Products failure Wile E. Coyotes) would pry my wallet right open. I searched around some, but wasn’t finding anything, does anyone even know if they exist? Mediacom seems to have some big licenses (Disney/Pixar, The Simpsons, Peanuts) so it seems like they should have some WB characters, too. Clues appreciated!

Not WB but I saw these cool Popeye and Bluto figures, but couldn’t get myself to spend so much.

I’m not aware of any but I’m definitely no expert. My exposure to the more obscure figures and toys is still pretty minimal, just what I stumble across on Reddit or Twitter.

This looks totally awesome. An Enterprise toy set? Heck yeah! But that price - yikes.

Oh, I like that.

Not cheap, but heck, if I had kids of that age, I think I could easily talk myself into buying it instead of some random bit of similarly priced electronic gimcrackery. E: Wow, yeah, that is big. Never mind…

In my mind’s eye, I can already see it in a future garage sale, all grimy and scuffed up, pieces broken, and Scotty missing a hand after that time the alien chewed it off.

Also it’s 42” long!!! That thing is huge.

First thought: hey cool, that might be a great…

$500? Hell no, that is not ‘play with kids’ price. And Playmobil doesn’t have the kind of display coolness of a Lego, where as an adult I’d display it.

Yeah, my wife got me the Lego Porsche and a couple others over the years, the big Technic kits. I have no problem displaying them on my desk and stuff, they’re cool.

Has anyone had success with commissioning a 3D printer to design and print a model/figurine for you? Like an 8 - 10 inch one. Have seen some on etsy and fiverr, but would be happy to take a referral.