Action figures (and other toys)

Yeah, I snagged a bunch of Classified Cobra figures… unlike you, I’m all about the baddies, the faceless trooper cannonfodder.

I have all the guys I’ve always liked from my childhood, so I was gonna stop there, unless their SciFi turns out cool… always reminded me of Robocop, and he was the first Joe I got as a kid.

That said, I’m still not convinced by the six inch scale. Not sure if I’ll keep them, I already had the four inch versions… and while they’re not as well articulated as recent stuff, my other four inch figures, mostly JoyToy and some Bossfight, are absolutely as well articulated and a joy to play with (erm… pose and display), unlike the big guys which to me are just a bit too clunky and take up way too much space to make me happy.

But yes, the detail is quite nice, and after a shaky start in the designs (the movies always throw the toy line off track) they’re really nailing the look of the characters lately.

The Optimus Prime and Megatron figures interact with one another…

Jesus help me.

No, Jesus is at the 39,000 backer stretch goal point. He comes complete though with his own cross, some nails, and a crown of thorns at least.

OK, this is pretty weird but also kinda awesome.