Action - the complete series

Thought I’d let any of you Entourage fans know about a series called Action (1999)… if ever you thought Ari ought to have his own show, well, this is it… life of a bigshot Hollywood Producer, the stress, the profanity, the sleeping around, the fast talking slander, the gay assistants, everything. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to say Entourage is a ripoff… not to say it isn’t great, but I’m glad I’m getting to see the …inspiration… for it.

Action: the Complete series (2 disc set, 9 episodes before it was cancelled) … netflix it!

I’m not familiar with Entourage (too many good shows, too little time), but I’m a big Jay Mohr fan. Action was completely biting and amoral, should have been on a cable net.

I picked this up about a year ago at the strong urging of GMicek. Jay Mohr is at the top of his game in this show. It’s definitely worth your $20 for anyone who likes sarcasm and black comedy type stuff.

Yep, Mohr was ahead of his time. He was on an episode of Dinner for Five with David Milch and Timothy Olyphant where they talked about just this exact thing. Entertaining stuff.

IIRC, this was the first time I was really disappointed that a show I liked was prematurely canceled. I didn’t know it was out on DVD, I should probably 'flix it and watch it again.

If you can find it, Mohr reads his own audiobook “Gasping for Airtime” about his days as a featured player on SNL. Really good stuff, he doesn’t hold back.