Active volcanism

The capital and most populous city of Iceland is Reykjavik, which is built on a volcanic peninsula. The number of earthquakes and magma extrusions has been growing rapidly, and many scientists are concerned that a major once-per-century 7+ earthquake, or worse a major or explosive eruption is near.

Oh that seems less than ideal. Seems like the volcano is far enough it shouldn’t directly threaten the city, but ash problems for sure.

Still 19 miles is closer than Portland is to Mt Hood, which is still plenty close to cause issues in a major eruption.

Kilauea on Hawaii has been filling it’s summit crater with lava in an eruption that started in December 2020. This volcano had major lava flows in 2018 which resulted in the destruction and displacement of over 700 homes nearby.

These people needed to play Anno 1701. Everyone knows you don’t build housing on the volcano island.

Seriously though, that’s very troubling and I hope it’s not as bad as it looks.

I thought this was going to be some Star Trek stuff about Vulcans. :(

Live long and prosper

The Old Gods are tired of our prattle.

Is there more happening than usual, or are the algorithms messing with me?

The Gods are displeased. We need to throw some qtards in to appease them.

Joe the Plumber and the Volcano.

Sometimes when I play AC: Valhalla with everything maxxed, it feels like my video card is as hot as a volcano.

There, now we’re on topic with Hardware and Technical Stuff.

Isn’t Earth Sciences “technical stuff” ?

It’s geo-hardware!

I’d try a better heat sink or go into Settings and uncheck Natural Events.

For your supervolcano du jour, Taupo!

Gorgeous footage.

That reminds me, I used to have a great shot of Etna erupting as my desktop before I built the new rig. Have to dig out that photo.

True, though perhaps less so if you live where that was shot.

Russian volcano erupts.