Activision: $1.48bn, EA: $1.50 bn in revenues

Publisher Activision has announced record holiday quarter results with sales up 80 percent to $1.48 billion and profits up to $272.2 million, with record breaking performance of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Sales rose from $824.3 million the year prior, and profits of $142.8 million. For the first nine months of Activision’s fiscal year, sales have nearly doubled the year prior to $2.3 billion, and profits tripled from $100.2 million to $300.7 million.

Compared to a loss of $33m on revenues of $1.50bn for EA. Interesting that a pre-merger Activision is pulling in EA-size numbers

And now because of it we will be getting rubbish yearly updates of the above mentioned franchises.

Word is Treyarch is on the Call of Duty 5 case. Shudder!