Activision Anthology

If you ever had any 2600 nostalgia and have a PS2, you’re set. 48 games, plus lots of old TV commercials and…Blondie? Kind of sad that the internet support got yanked at the last second, but that’s a heck of a lot of retro.

Cool. However, I do think it is kind of sad that Mediagenic has to dig that far back to find something good in their catalog. The REAL successor to Activision was Accolade. You can still find some of the magic of the original Activision today at Skyworks Interactive. Several ex-Activionaries work there, including David Crane. They make simple, fun games. They made a game for our Tyco/RC site a couple years back, and are responsible for much of Yeah, they are not state-of-the-art 3D shooters or anything like that, but I think its pretty cool that some of those guys are still out there trying to make some simple, fun entertainment for the Coke&Pop Rocks addled, 80’s bred short attention span gamers like me…

I’ll be buying this because I’m a sad nostalgia freak, and also because “River Raid” still kicks ass.