Activision drops Guitar Hero

I’ll miss DJ Hero, but I won’t miss having to find space to bulk-stack all these stupid plastic instruments in my store.

Are there any extra info regarding Bungie’s new title?


7 Studios closed. I used to work there, it wasn’t the best place, but it had some good people there, so I hope everyone lands on their feet.

The article I read ( bothers me, because it’s premise is that Guitar Hero’s success was all due to Red Octane!

It’s the same across the board, with potentially worse twists like that one that emphasize the Actiblizzard in the equation. Probably a generational thing, where eventually the pronouncements of noted internet idiot Pachter will not be taken as gospel in between copypasting press releases.

Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming a mile off.

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Thanks for that retrospective from 2.5yrs ago, JD.

Activision has over a dozen titles released or planned for its multiplatform Guitar Hero franchise, including spin-offs and portable titles, compared to Rock Band’s sole release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Wii.

Earlier this week, Kotick revealed that the publisher intends to triple the amount of its total released Guitar Hero games and content by 2010.

Towards that end, the company has no fewer than seven studios working on the Guitar Hero franchise.
Jesus. I know hindsight is 20/20 but are Kotick and all the investors brain dead?

I know music games have declined, but I hope the investors see that Rock Band is still alive so that Kotick has to at least take some accountability.

Well, I guess this answers whether or not DJ Hero is screwed:

Are you still going to make new DLC for Guitar/DJ Hero?
We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but - unfortunately - we will not be able to release new DLC packs beyond what we already have.

It’s a damn shame HMX doesn’t seem to have the capability to say, “Hey, we’re still here!” amid all the Guitar Hero = Rhythm Genre = Dead talk hitting mainstream news.

Civi style:

Your civilization discover the iPad wonder!
You gains +5 bonus of “mobile computing” on all your cities.
Music plastic toys are obsolete now.

Well, they did/tried.


When an event is described as sending “shockwaves” through the industry, it’s commonly a piece of hyperbole - but it’s truly no exaggeration to suggest that Activision’s extraordinarily aggressive pruning of its product line-up has done precisely that this week.

Is the mag run by easily impressible 5-year-olds now?

That headline pisses me off. It doesn’t match the content at all. There’s a line where they say “it’s discouraging for fans of the genre”, but they don’t ever say that they themselves are discouraged, nor does it reflect the tone of the press release.

Whelp, all that’s left is to guitar hero the shit out of Call of Duty. I fear the real problem is that Kotick assumes they will have some new, as of yet unknown cash cow to take its place once they’ve squeezed the last drop from CoD. It’s a little presumptuous to think they can magic up a new phenomenon a few years from now.

Call of a Mass Effected Dead Space in a Dragon Age.

Wait, that needs more colons.

Activision doesn’t “magic them up” they buy them, someone somewhere will come up with a new phenomenon and Activision will buy and squeeze the life and money out of it. This is their business model for the most part now.

How’s this?

World of Call of Duty.

Wait, that’s actually happening.

Latest rumor is that they are in talks to buy Take Two.

God, I hope that’s not true. I can only imagine what they’d do with Take 2 franchises. Probably milk Red Dead, milk GTA, meanwhile killing off Bully 2, Civilization series, and others that don’t make enough for Activision.

That would be bad. :(

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