Activision is confident David Petraeus will bounce back

Title Activision is confident David Petraeus will bounce back
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 13, 2012

The latest fall from grace for military personnel who collaborate with videogames is David Petraeus, who just resigned as director of the CIA and appears in Black Ops 2. The two incidents aren't related. That we know of..

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Another big man brought low by his genitals.

Sadly, he first oversaw many prosecutions for adultery (a crime for active military members under the UCMJ) as a commander, all the while cavorting in his bunk with a bright-eyed biographer.

Aww c'mon don't be so judgmental. After all, it all depends on what the definition of is is.
That a man should have is reputation dragged through the mud for the sole fact he got caught seems a bit excessive. But oh well such is life... at least he wasn't stoned to death.

What am I reading here,

Also, we have to put up with Captcha systems now? Lame. I guess your site is getting big enough to attract spammers so I'll put up with it but wouldn't it be better to have a report spam function?

How is he going to bounce back? He was never good to begin with! In 2003 he was put in charge of operations in Iraq and his big idea was "the surge." If you look back to 2006, the situation in Iraq was DISASTROUS.