Activision's destruction of Guitar Hero continues: Metallica

Too many sku’s.

Will Guitar Hero split into many lines? They’ve dropped the sequel numbers, will the GH: Band Name be the guitar game when next year we’ll get Guitar Hero: World Tour 2, or Galaxy Tour? Will World Tour become a “platform” like Rock Band and pump out the DLC or will Activision ensure that there’s at least one new GH game on the shelves a year?

This’ll be pretty cool to see how Activision and MTV go at it.


Aerosmith was retarded, but this is pure awesome.

Well, except for the fact that it’s not by Harmonix.


Playing One in GH3 was one of the few great things about that game. Definitely my favorite song to play in that game and if it weren’t for Rock Band stealing the show a month later, would have justified the purchase of the entire thing. As someone who basically learned how to play guitar by listening to Metallica, I’m excited for this. If it includes drums, I would very likely by World Tour just so I can play drums in GH:Metallica.

Is it just me or does it seem ridiculous that neversoft is putting out aerosmith, 4, and metallica all in the same year, and all as separate products? Can they really keep the quality up (well, of 4. Aerosmith looks like it sucks) with that much stuff in the pipeline?

My guess is there’s some guy over there who, every time someone asks this question, yells out, “Better to burn out than to fade away, bitches!” Then he sticks out his tongue, makes devil horns with his hands, and nods his head.

Metallica is a Q1 09 release.

Since this is the current GH thread… what’s up with the songs in GH2? I picked it up second hand and I’m on set 4 or 5 and I barely recognise any of the tracks…

Maybe I’m just not metal?

That, or you hate music.

Exactly the reference I was hoping for – does anyone have a link to that flash video?

If you are that far in and don’t recognize stuff something is wrong with you.

Guitar Hero 2 had the least amount of recognizable songs out of the games in the series so far for me as well.

But still, … I find it hard to believe that you’re not exaggerating for effect here. Have you really never heard:

Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana
You Really Got Me - Van Halen
Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
Message In A Bottle - The Police
Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns ‘N’ Roses

Those are all from the first four tiers.

That’s probably the problem!

But seriously, sure, I recognise one track per set usually. Maybe recognise and like one and “may have heard that and once a while ago” per set.

Just don’t get the vibe I got off the GH3. I guess with notoriety comes budget to buy great(er) tracks.

You appear to have spelled AC/DC incorrectly (link is to “Back In Black” hacked into GH).

It’s coming out after GH4, which is going to add a drum kit, so…why wouldn’t it?

Just judging from where the development cycles would fall, my guess is that the Aerosmith and Metallica games are being built on the GH3 engine, by teams separate from the World Tour development team.

Also because it would be more work to build all the note charts, which might not be worthwhile for a more nichey title.

Also because then they could sell the full songs as DLC for World Tour and get more money from the people who already own the Aerosmith and Metallica discs.

Perhaps. At the same time, it seems strange to pull such a major upgrade of the franchise and then have the very next release in the brand not make use of the new stuff you just sold everyone. If I had to put money on it, I’d bet on drum support.

You forget about the dairy products company you’re dealing with here!

GH: Metallica is less nichey than Rock Band.

Even still, they aren’t completely stupid. This would be a strong 1-2 punch in GH4’s favor - people might be swayed to buy it for the holidays knowing that a fully compatible Metallica expansion game was coming out a few months later. You can bet they’ll be able to market the living shit out of this.