Activision's destruction of Guitar Hero continues: Metallica

What Charles said. But Metallica is a great choice is you are only going to go with one metal band.

Man, imagine though a “Hard Rock” GH . . . AC/DC, Metallica, Slayer, etc.

No doubt. I would also love a game called Metal Band. Rock Band should get into the more focused title thing. Forget using one band though. Focus on a genre, and let people play the TYPE of band they want to play.

Hey, I have an idea.

Let’s never do that again.

Holy shit, don’t know what you’re talking about. Most epic imageboard thread ever. Right-click-save!

Quit necroing my threads, goddammit!

I’m a huge fan. Both of Metallica and of this picture.

Wow… I actually looked over that whole thing and it is EPIC.

So… when’s Guitar Hero: Dire Straits coming out?

Dire Straits + cats, anyone? Cause the Enter Sandman bit was fabulous…

I want the Guitar Hero: Finntroll edition. Until then, bah.

Guitar Hero is dead to me until Guitar Hero: Man 'O War and then they can retire it.

teh fixed


That was beautiful.

I am pretty sure that thread pic was more entertaining then the Metallica version.

BUT - I really want to see some of the NEW Metallica hit GH or RB this winter. Until I heard a few tracks, I really just figured Lars didn’t have it in him anymore… so wrong.

Metallica is easily my favorite band, but I’ve been very disappointed since about ReLoad. Some of the symphony stuff is awesome, but St. Anger is the most disappointing album with the coolest name I’ve ever heard.

I have to say, though, this new stuff kicks a hell of a lot more ass than anything I’ve heard from them in the last 10 years.

Let the rumor fest begin.

I share the enthusiasm for Kyuss; shame it’s Guitar Hero and not Rock Band. And, more generally, a shame that any of this stuff gets locked up exclusively.

Too bad it’s being made by the B-Team.

Yeah, it’s a shame all these great songs (probably) won’t be coming to Rock Band. That’s a great set list. I think this will be a good rental.

I’m almost finish with GHWT’s guitar career, and honestly, out of all the Neversoft GH games, the one I enjoyed the most was GH: Aerosmith. I liked what they did with the Aerosmith interviews, and having the virtual versions of the band playing on stage, and the virtual versions of the band getting older as the game progressed. It was no Rock Band, but it was a more enjoyable game for me than GH:WT and GH3.

So I’m hoping GH: Metallica will be similar, if not even better.