Activist group accounts for 99% of all FCC compaints

Someone alert Howard Stern.

Did anyone say “Think of the Chilluns!” yet?

What would we do without the fun police?

Yeah, but they are currently hosting a pretty funny South Park clip.

Did come across an article on BBC radio last night mentioning the above stat. FCC is aparently investigating complaints about the decency of NBC’s coverage of the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics.

Given that there didn’t seem to be a great deal of information about what in the complaint was considered indecent the suggestions put forward by the reporter and presenter were a) the depiction of Greek Gods in part of the ceremony or b) A “pregnant” woman with some form of illuminated belly. Other than those two, they were at a loss, given that NBC were supposed to have been given an award for their family friendly coverage (hence I presume they didnt have a presenter F-ing and bling through his/her coverage of the ceremony), to suggest what could possibly have been considered indecent about it.