Actually building a Kaveri system

I have sort of a plethora of requirements that make it somewhat tricky;

  1. No ATX cases. Bitfenix maybe?
  2. Want built in wireless/bluetooth
  3. I want to try Dual Graphics, so i’ll need an A-10 & an R7 250. I have an old 7850 so worse comes to worse, i can use that.
  4. MUST HAVE DISPLAYPORT; prefer Mini-Displayport. That’s because my monitor is a 24" Apple Cinema with uses the Mini-Displayport connector. This also means it has to sit physically close to the monitor.
  5. If i roll my own i’m going to want a m-ATX or mini-ITX motherboard.

The truth is those Brix boxes are basically made for me, but i won’t be able to try Dual Graphics with them.

Most of the cases at Newegg are hideous boxes. There is Cyberpower’s Zeus Mini which is almost perfect, aside from the Brotoy appearance and expensive shipping. If i go that route I’ve got to wade through configuring things like water cooling which i know nothing about.

Anyone have any ideas about rolling my own SFF A-10 setup? Or should i just wait till Fall to see what the Steam boxes turn out to be like? As hilarious as the Steam boxes are, with their flashing “gamer” lights, they’re still in appearance superior to virtually every SFF case I’ve browsed.

Speaking solely to appearance, the mini-ITX cases that I find most attractive are the Fractal Node 304, Rosewill Legacy U-2, and In Win 901.