Actually selling my car, round two

That was definitely a bizarre experience. That gal REALLY wanted to chat with me; she wasn’t bad-looking as far as TOTAL ROAD WHORES go, but the fact that she was so terrifyingly earnest while simultaneously reeking of liquor (and covered with strange food stains) was enough to make me spontaneously call my wife and shriek “I NEED AN ADULT!” into the phone.

Seriously, though, between her and the guy, who was all kitted out in a long black duster and largely immaculate Eddie Bauer dress despite the 70+ degree weather, I figured we would at LEAST be assaulted and gangraped by clowns before this whole escapade was over.

I think we’ve lived in the city for too long, dude.

Didn’t notice the food stains.

I knew it! The banks and the utility companies are in cahoots together!

chokes on drink LOL!!!

Wow Jason, you just sold your car to an internet porn magnate.

This just convinces me to sell all my cars back to the dealer. Devil you know over the devil you don’t, and all that.

Is dealing with creepy people worth the difference between $7500 and $9500? Fuck yes.

I think you could lower the creepy factor by not selling it to anyone more than an hour’s drive away, actually.

Wow Jason, you just sold your car to an internet porn magnate.

I sure hope so. It’s the least disturbing possibility.

Funny thing I just noticed about my Z: that thing is a fucking hobo magnet. When I come into sight in it, or pull up in a parking space, or they stumble around a corner and lay their eyes on it, they get big grins and immediately stumble in my general direction. Do people in sports cars have a reputation for showering unshaved alcoholics with change?

Another strange detail: the guy was enormous. 6’ something, very bulky. When I delicately inquired how we liked the ride he said it was ok, because he couldn’t fit in any cars out there. Hmm.

He wanted mine because it’s apparently the only silver, single owner, low mileage, non-smoker Insight for sale in the entire country.

Mr. Fagman:

Postscript to all this: One of the guys who was asking about the Insight last week called me today after I sold it. He launched into a 15 minute haraunge about how you can’t trust people on Ebay - he was a high bidder on an Insight there last week, but it turns out it’d been branded as totally destroyed and had the odometer rolled back. I have no idea why he wanted to complain so much about the market for Insights to someone who had already sold one, but it sure was funny.