Ad blocking

Man sorry Tom, but I have to turn on ghostery, the ads on your site that have audio …I want to block…Sorry…+ Ghostery is showing 55 tracking cookies/thingies (or whatever it is ghostery blocks)…55 seems am bit excessive

I love the website, so maybe there is another way to contribute monetarily?


I’ve started another thread asking for help tracking down ads that play audio. If you can give me any information about which ads are doing that, I can get them pulled from the rotation.

As for cookies, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t even know what Ghostify is, or whether the things it’s alerting you to are somehow harmful. If you give me more information, I can definitely look into it. Is there a certain number of cookies that you feel is acceptable? But we’re an ad supported site and I’d rather you don’t run an adblocker. I leave money on the table by not running pop-ups, interstitials, keyword links, ads between posts, and so forth. My goal is to make the ads as unobstrusive as possible. I just ask for a little patience from you guys when issues arise.

If you’d like to contribute to the site, there’s been a PayPal button on the front page for years, as well as an search box that gives us a small percentage of whatever you purchase at if you use it.


Thanks Tom, Ghostery mostly blocks tracking cookies, but I believe it blocks ads (maybe???) too .Right now it’s showing it is blocking 41 tracking cookies from your site, this seems to vary from about 20-50 depending on who knows what…I wish there was a way I could export that list .

Here are some of the things it is blocking
Burst Media
casale Media

thats just A-C

Just as a point of comparison

huffingtonpost = 19 things blocked
Nytimes = 24
slate = 24
reddit = 2

I’m sure your all of these tracking cookies are coming from you advertisers and not you and there are probably a lot of people on qt3 that know much more about this than I do…

Anyway hope it helps. I’ll donate using your donate button .Sorry I missed that!

Ghostery only blocks trackers. EFF’s Privacy Badger does something similar.

When I turn it on those annoying ads with audio seem to disappear from qt3… Maybe the ads can’t show without the trackers?

Maybe Qt3 needs to go the route that Something Awful did.

You think that SA has interesting non-paid viewer interstitial pictures? I’m sure our lot can improve on that