Ad defends carbon dioxide

Here, in response to the An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore concert film. They refused to be outdone by the trailer.

Did a search for “carbon”

Heh, it happens. vBulletin’s search function is also a lot less flexible than phpBB’s was.

It is like ten threads down, though.

If we excrete it from our bodies it must be good!

That would be a brutal little rebuttal video.

“We give it out from our bodies, plants take it in to grow. Feces. They call it filth, we call it life.”

This guy thought of it first.

He certainly did it best.
That is perfect.

Countdown to someone linking to a Captain Planet clip on YouTube…

A supposedly amateur video on Youtube mocking Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth was apparently made by a PR firm that just happens to have Exxon as a client.

Too much carbon, like too much pizza, is a bad thing.