Ad-free Hulu plan being offered


I know it’s a small number and I don’t think it’s anything I want to watch, but an ad-free plan should not contain ads, ever, period. It’s the principle of the thing. Besides, if they’re willing to sign contracts that include ads even in the “ad-free” tier, there is nothing stopping them from doing it again in future.

Edit: actually, Grimm is one of the main reasons I would subscribe. so, yeah.


Makes sense. I was just outlining that the higher-subscription tier isn’t obnoxiously ad-filled. I watched Grimm and Agents of Shield last season, and that meant I saw a total of 30 seconds of ads each week (15 second ad at the beginning for those two) while watching a bunch of Fox, NBC and ABC shows ad-free.

I can see the beginning ad being annoying when binging, but watching new episodes once a week like normal tv with just one ad was better than watching either the official on-demand version (which stuffs more ads) or not having to hit FF through ads when watching it via DVR.


I can totally see that, but I haven’t watched TV with ads in many years, (basically since Netflix discs) so it’s pretty obtrusive to me to have any at this point.


I’m using the “limited ads” plan at the moment, on the free trial month. It’s all right, if not ideal. 3-4 minutes of ads per episode is less than regular TV and I just use the time to play around on my tablet.

But…it’s really annoying that every time I switch to the Hulu app on my FireTV or log into the website, it asks me which profile to use and then pauses for a while to “collect new stuff”. I only have one profile, why the heck does it need me to choose that every time? Is there a way to skip whatever that is?


I too am on the free month, but for the commercial-free plan because fuck commercials. It does this every time for me as well.