Ad monies?

This probably varies from site to site, but anyone know what’s the typical range of ad revenue per click through or per 1000 page impressions?


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Can’t be nearly as high as the revenue per viral marketing post on Q23.

Hehe. True, but viral marketing posts will get me banned. :( I’ll wait until christmas to bestow that present upon QT3. hehe

But damn, is this butterfinger good. It just hits the spot. That reminds me, anyone ever seen that show the simpsons? There’s some awesome ass comercials with this character called Bart. He’s a brat but funny. Wait did you realize that bart is like brat but spelled different.


CPM can vary anywhere from the low ($1-$2) to the absurd ($65-75) depending on the “value” of your readers to the advertisers. Trying to monetize hits is a dark art.