Adios Moneyball

Plug pulled earlier this week.

Reading is great.

With the director and star out and a script that MLB won’t lend licensing to, it is dead, even if there are two or three people boxing things up and tying up loose ends.

It’s dead in its current form, but not necessarily dead dead. I can’t say I’m surprised, what with Soderbergh delivering a script two weeks before filming was to start that was different then what the Sony execs had earlier seen. And at this point I’d guess Soderbergh isn’t exactly viewed as a home run director, even with Pitt attached.

Sounds like Soderbergh was the only one thinking straight on the entire film. Making a movie about Moneyball and not being able to use MLB logos, stadia, etc. would’ve been a disaster. The Zaillian script–the one “still in development”–is dead in the water.

Alex, you have a misunderstanding of what “in development” means in Hollywood.

I’m hoping that someday I’ll win the lottery. Which makes me a millionaire in development?

Uh, no, a film in development cannot be dead (or have its plug pulled).

That being said, I’m almost certain this will never actually start shooting.

OK, whatever.

True, they didn’t kill it, they’re going to run a train on it then release it

Aaron Sorkin to the rescue!

Very happy to hear this. While I’m a fan of Soderbergh, I still would like to see this movie get made somehow.

In other words, the OP was correct as written.

You could have saved some time & just cut straight to “Sorry… I shot off my mouth without thinking”.

Creator of Sports Night takes on the Moneyball script. I am pleased.

This is probably the least strange twist of events this project could have taken.

New trailer.

I think it looks great.

That does look good, and I don’t care much for baseball. But after reading about the book, it’s about statistics with the trappings of Baseball.

Well, the book’s really about trying to find a competitive advantage. It’s easy enough to reframe that as a David vs. Goliath story, with the small-budget A’s challenging the titans of the league like the Yankees through their inherent smartitude.

I’m not sure what the third act is going to be like, though, since while their strategy was a success (they had winning records eight years in a row and made the playoffs five times in that stretch), they only got out of the first round of the playoffs once, and never went to the World Series. And they’ve been pretty mediocre since then.

Is that Bobby fucking Kotick at 0:16? What the hell is he doing in this movie?

Holy fuck, if it’s not him, it’s a doppelganger. The resemblance is uncanny.