Adios Moneyball

I don’t see how you make an entertaining anything from that book…the book was good but never once while reading it did I wonder who would play Billy Beane in the movie.

Activision confirmed that it is indeed Bobby Kotick.

Not only that, but he plays Brad Pitt’s boss.

Good God.

Saw the trailer for this today and I think it looks great. I am looking forward to seeing it.

I absolutely loved the book, and think there’s totally a good movie to be made from it – it’s the story of a guy fighting to improve what he feels is a comically imprecise century-old system and constantly being told he’s wrong – but the trailers aren’t doing anything for me, especially Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, who both seem miscast.

But I’ll hold out hope, because I’m a Sorkin fan. Brad Pitt doing large chunks of Sorkin dialogue? I’m curious, if nothing else.

I agree with slugs about the book. There really is a great movie there. I don’t even like baseball all that much but I am finding the book fantastic. I highly suggest reading it even if you have only a passing interest in the sport.