Adios, Moore

Holy crap! I didn’t expect this to actually happen, but Judge Moore (the “Ten Commandments Judge”) has been kicked off the bench. Go 'Bama!

This will give him the platform he needs to run for election as the “Ten Commandments governor”.

I’m not sure if I’m kidding or not.

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You’re not. He will.

He’s had it on his mind the whole time. He remembered how much mileage he got out of being the ‘ten commandments judge’, with his wooden plaque, and he always intended to turn the monument uproar into similar political capital.

Here’s a link to the opinion in PDF:

They really slammed him, with great authority. I get the sense that when he testified in court that he stood by all his past statements and said he would defy a court order again in the future, these crusty old judges said “Screw you buddy, you may be a big political honcho with a lot of public support, but you still have to respect the LAW” WHAM.

Good :). Now the next step is to disbar his intolerant and religious-oppressive ass.


This gives me some hope that MAYBE parts of the Constitution are still valid…