Admit it: who else plays World War II Online?

I saw some of you in the Battlefield 2 thread.

Day one player currently unsubscribed waiting for BE although I might give 1.19 a try once it goes live. I have to admit after playing BF2 I start to long for the realism of WW2OL. I like being a machine gunner in other games but I’m so frustrated with WW2OL’s current inability to allow the player to deploy his MG in a window sill or other prime locations. Last I heard pintle mount techwhatever the fuck it’s called will allow it but I don’t want to wait another year that.

Oh and close quarters infantry vs infantry simulkilling makes my blood boil as well.

I nominate this for Thread Most Likely to Die Without Any Posts.


I say we keep it going to defy Tom :)

I agree, I long for more realism - meld BF2’s graphics, that’d be awesome. With v1.19 some things will change - finally a much better UI - but it may be a long time before you see a better graphics engine (open source or no) in the game. I kinda fear for those guys though… I’m no longer there but man, the perseverance is amazing.

— Alan

Indeed their perseverance is something else.

I hope BE meets their retail expectations but my gut tells me it probably won’t - the game is just too hardcore, has dated graphics and Joesixpack would much rather spend his money on a BF2 type of game because it’s easier and it doesn’t have a monthly fee. The big kicker IMO is that if they are able to attract new players I think many are going to struggle with not being able enter/exit vehicles as well - “lol wtf you mean i can’t jump in a tank, i can in other games!!! :{”

Still there’s some hope they may attract enough simmers and military shooter types out there to boost their subscriber base and perhaps bring on more folks to expedite the dev process. I know they work their asses off but on the consumer end of things it takes motherfucking forever for any said feature to be implimented. I’m probably being a bit harsh but after 3 1/2 years of playing my patience has run out. Still, 3 1/2 years of enjoyment, that’s not bad at all. UO only hooked me for little over a year and that was my first MMOG.

<more pessimistic rumblings>

If BE is unable to acquire and retain new customers over the longhaul, I wonder if they’ll decide to carry out their plans for a North Africa theater, or for that matter, carry on at all. Scrapping by for the past 4 or 5 years is gotta be rough, you’d think some would abandon ship and seek out greener pastures elsewhere.

What is this BE that you talk about?

BE info linky please?

Erm yeah I have played twice and enjoyed it. It’s a lot of fun to organise with a squad and those tight battles for towns and crossroads can be intense and fun. I’ve got some great gun cam footage of me burning 2 or 3 tanks that assaulted my hidden tank position hehe.

Battleground Europe (or BE) is the next retail release of WW2OL; it was originally called Beyond Blitzkrieg, but apparently CDV had trademarked “Blitzkrieg” in the US and objected, inciting the name change. It’s due for release by Tri-synergy probably around the end of summer/beginning of fall.

— Alan

Have you guys tried the 1.19 beta?

The Rats sure as hell aren’t doing themselves any favors with the performance of the game. Jesus H. Christ, one of them posted that an optimal PC now is 1GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz P4. What the fuck is the thinking behind pitching such dated graphics and demanding a powerful PC?


Joesixpack would much rather spend his money on a BF2 type of game because it’s easier and it doesn’t have a monthly fee.

Change “Joesixpack” to “pretty much anyone” and change “because it’s easier and it doesn’t have a monthly fee” to “because they remember what a steaming pile of dog shit WW2OL was.”

Just a reality check for you.

I still remember the LtM coverage of the WW2OL launch. I will only ever think of that in connection with this game.

Don’t worry guys, the ordinance server will solve everything!


I was a day one WW2OL customer; never bothered to try it again.

And never will.

Ahhh yes the infamous ordnance server. I’ve heard they’ve finally scrapped that idea. It always seemed like a pipe dream since the beginning. Such a shame though because I’d love to have bouncing grenades, mortar and artillery fire. Heh grenades don’t bounce, how in the hell are you going to explain that to the gaming press when BE launches?

Even with a new name these guys have a big hurtle to overcome stemming from their disastrous launch. The responses I see in this thread are typical everywhere else on the net every time the game is mentioned. I do the same thing whenever I hear a gaming news blurb about Shadowbane “you mean that POS is still alive?”

Mechanically it’s much much much more stable than it was 4 years ago and CRS has made strides to introduce new features and toys over the years, but it still has a long ways to go before it can live up to it’s moniker of being a “World War 2 Online” MMOG - more like the Battle of France rinse and repeat over and over again.

esus H. Christ, one of them posted that an optimal PC now is 1GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz P4. What the fuck is the thinking behind pitching such dated graphics and demanding a powerful PC?

That’s fucking crazy. As usual it’ll probably take a few patches to iron everything out. I remember the patch that introduced the Speed Tree tech and holy shit flying a plane felt like I was transported back in time to June 6, 2001.

The game’s playable on a 2GHz rig and about 512MB of RAM, even when flying, but CRS really needs to take a look at their philosophy, goals and resources when they’re ready to recommend a 3GHz+ box and 1GB of RAM for a game that looks like it’s straight out of 2002, at best.

I love it, it’s a ton of fun and I think people who loved the concept when the game launched are doing themselves a disservice by not taking CRS up on one of the free trials because of a bad first experience, but I still admit the execution is flawed.

Day one subscriber, still play it to this day, no game compare to it’s realism…

Well I resubbed yesterday to try out 1.19 and I have to say the new UI is impressive! Good god it’s lightyears ahead of that old archaic POS UI.

Played some ground and I like the new crouch sprint although the 3rd person animation for crouching looks like the avatar just took a strong punch to the stomach. I only flew one sortie yesterday and I was surprised at how easier it was to hear other planes buzzing around nearby.

In the prior version, if I wore headphones and had my Windows sound configured for “desktop speakers” I could hear someone trying to bounce me from above and behind if I was running at low RPM, but now it’s so blantenly loud that you can easily dodge a BnZ attacker. This completely blows for the German crates since their strengths lie in the BnZ attack. Makes me glad I’m no longer interested in the aerial aspect of WW2OL otherwise I’d be screaming bloody murder for a fix ASAP.

On the FPS side of things, my P4 is overclocked to 3.6Ghz and I’ve got 2 gigs of RAM and a 6800GT and I was a bit dismayed to see my frames in the mid to upper twenties in heavy combat in cities. The new building textures are certainly nice but the game’s graphics are looking long in the tooth and I think that coupled with the steep hardware requirements could have a rather large impact on BE sales and retaining new subscribers.

BTW, I’ve noticed a lot of crates under green tents in the cities, are these crates going to represent targetable assets for bombers in the future? Will they somehow be tied to a city’s supply?

If I recall correctly, the crates have been connected to some old code that rebuilds the damaged buildings in a town. They have no real gameplay effect though. I also remember a rat saying a long time ago they were intending to have these crates tie into the supply lines (crates are at depots that connect to neighboring towns), but now that the plan is to have supply tied to brigades rather than towns I doubt this will happen. Another thing to keep in mind is factory bombing has shown how effective bombers can be; I imagine it would be even more effective without any high altitude flak covering the crates.

I played for six months last year and picked up again with 1.19. The updated GUI is much more functional. The pixel shaded water isn’t bad. Need to replace my joystick so I don’t have any sense if the updates to air and armor have much practical effect. I have half the rig that JMR has and my performance is roughly the same :? I’d love to see them do well enough with the retail release that they can go ahead with the updated terrain system, North Afrika, and Kasserine Pass.