Adobe CS4 teach-ware

A friend of mine lives way out in the sticks. Like, way out. Directions to her house include shit like “make a left onto the dirt road past the second tree”. As a result, she can’t get any faster internet access than dial-up. Clever stuff Verizon’s mobile internet do-hickey don’t reach there and even satellite service has some kind of issue there because trees block the line-of-sight or something.

Anyhoo, she recently she picked up a new mac and Adobe CS4 Design Premium. She’s migrating all of her print and online* publishing from a very old PC on which she ran an ancient copy of Wordperfect and MS Publisher as her layout tools. She wants to know how to do everything in CS4: inDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. All of it. She’d like some DVDs or software or something to give her instruction in the basics, that does not require an internet connection to install/view. Any recommendations?

  • by “online” I mean “puts files on a flash stick and gives them to me to FTP up to her website”. Since macs are way too hip to have some retarded shit like a modem (puhshaw!), this process will likely continue.

Can’t she get an external modem of some sort?

Invite her over to watch the You Suck at Photoshop series.

Its remarkable entertaining and educational.

Yes. However, the issue is that even her dial-up internet connection isn’t reliable. It once took me over two hours to download some ~5Mb utility to print to PDFs; in part because of the slow speed, and in part because of the continually dropping connection.

Thanks! The TotalTraining series uses online material in addition, but the Lynda one might be a place to start.

I seriously doubt videos are going to be enough to get her from Wordperfect and Publisher to CS4. She should take some classes.