Adobe Flash 1996-2020


I was going to come up with a snappy retort, but… yeah… I got nothing :-)


I won’t miss flash, but I would like a way to prevent html5 vids from automagically starting on every page I load up, along with ads. Not that I’ve looked that hard for ways to stop it, just that it seems to be the default now, even with adblocker on.


On Chrome, I use two extensions:
Disable HTML5 Autoplay
Smart Tab Mute

Between those two extensions, video content on the web is much less obnoxious.


What websites are you guys using that still requires flash? It’s been awhile since I have even gone 'nope, not going to bother right clicking to enable flash", let alone actually used it.


May not be required to run, but it’s still used by some pretty big companies for some reason (and looks like I need some updating, so done!):

Amazon Flash


One major remaining use of flash is to set tracking cookies, that are tracked inside a flash container rather than your browser and so not affected by your privacy preferences.

#27 still requires Fash


I think most of their usage is app-based.


I’m sure it is, but is a massive media enterprise, not some mom-and-pop restaurant, and it means I can’t watch baseball on my second monitor any more without a bunch of faffing about.


I hate all sports so I haven’t tried it, but they supposedly have MacOS and Windows10 apps that don’t require flash.


HBO Go needs Flash.


This too shall pass.


What do steam videos use? Java or flash? When trying to view game vids from their store pages on iPad, maybe 5% of the time the first video of a set will play but none of the rest will. I’m guessing its java, but if it were flash based it’d be nice to know theybwiol need to be updated to function.

That question aside, does Apple have the same reasons for not allowing java? I’d always assumed it was purely a security detail, but the Steve Jobs note posted by @Ephraim indiciates there was a little more to it than that.


Homestar Runner needs Flash.

Your move, haters.


That is a problem…


Discovered today that CTV News (Canada, y’all) needs Flash.


What will become of years of Newgrounds and AlbinoBlackSheep content???


Interesting retrospective from this month’s GDC on the significance of Flash to the indie gaming community.


Adobe also discontinued their SVG browser plugin. I’m still not sure any browser has as good support for the SVG specs as that plugin did. (Especially animations and interoperability between the browser, user and the plugin.) I stopped developing an app because it became pointless. (Browser support may never reach that level.)

Also, is Unity the new Flash? People seem to be starting to hate it just as much. (Though obnoxious Unity browser popup ads aren’t a thing, like they were with Flash, AFAIK.)


Any new advice to stop html5 autoplay videos now that the disable html5 extension is not being updated?