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Remove or disable flash player altogether?


That doesn’t do anything for HTML5 video. Chrome 61 has a new preference that will stop some HTML5 videos from autoplaying if it doesn’t mute its audio by default, but it doesn’t work particularly well and is generally unsatisfactory, but better than nothing. Turn it on at:


And set autoplay policy to “document user activation is required”.

There’s also a “stop HTML5 video” Chrome extension, but it sucks and causes videos to constantly buffer and flicker on the screen.

Firefox fixed this problem years ago with “media.autoplay.enabled” in about:config. That works perfectly.


Firefox has been my chosen browser for over a decade, but the most recent update seems to have made it take three or four clicks to get to bookmarks,which is just absurd. I assume there’s a way to change that, but the default is just painful to use. So, I’m seeing if chrome will do what I want it to do.


Not so much three actual clicks, but three actions for sure. Certainly annoying.


Does CTRL-I not work for you?


Can it be made a click? I love arcane keyboard commands (not), and am a touch typist (not) so that’d be useful.


Not without an extension. I’d be surprised if one doesn’t exist yet. The Bookmarks Menu toolbar button is hidden by default. and is still two clicks, but an extension reduces it to a single click.


CTRL-B for me (although I never close my bookmarks). I’ve had the bookmarks sidebar open on the left side of the screen for so long it seems weird if I ever close it by mistake. Few sites I visit take advantage of the full width of my display, so dedicating a piece to the sidebar seemed reasonable. Would that work?


Oh. Hey. Thanks.