Adobe Premiere Elements 10 vs. Sony Vegas HD 11

Just using Best Buy as example. For a low-end movie editing idiot like myself, which one? I have a lot of editing and vid work to do for a non-profit. (Windows Movie Maker is not powerful enough)

Thanks for your help!

Jeff, see if the non-profit can get Elements for you really cheap through Never used Vegas.

At school, I became quite partial to PowerDirector. It’s actually a bit cheaper, too, and seemed plenty powerful to me, though I was a Print journo guy, not TV :)

I’ve used Vegas in the past and (back then) it was fantastic.

Another vote for Vegas (in pre-sony times though)

I’ve used a lot of these, including Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. But I’m using Cyberlink Powerdirector right now and it seems faster and a nice combo of power and ease of use.

I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio for years, though not intensively.

Premiere Elements is a little easier to learn, but Vegas Movie Studio is far more flexible, and a bit more stable. Premiere has more automation, and it has a 64-bit executable for better perf on 4GB+ systems.

Neither is bad. I prefer Vegas, but I’ve used both.

(Pinnacle is super-easy but a stability nightmare. Ignore RepoMan, must be a masochist. :)

Certain edition of Vegas can be had for <$100 so it’s competitive with Premiere Elements.

$60 for v10, $80 for v11.