Adopting kitties!

Athena says “Thanks!,” @jpinard. She likes the Cat Catcher even more than the Cat Dancer.

When I stopped playing with her, she jumped up on the table, pulled it down, and started dragging it around the house.

OMG that is awesome! Have such a big smile right now. She is just the cutest cat ever too :)

That Cat Dancer is now hers. You will never see it again. Might as well break out another.

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OK @inactive_user where are those kitties?

We have deferred kitten acquisition to probably next spring.

Awww sorry to hear that. Is the humane society closed for adoptions? Personally, even with my CF, I wouldn’t let this outbreak stop me. With everyone cooped up in the house good time for it.

We’d postponed the plan before the quarantine.

Though honestly the distraction probably would be welcome. Maybe we can reopen negotiations. This week has been some shit.


Holy shit, you can use an <hr> to bypass the character limit? HMMMMM.

edit: testing below. Mwahahahahaa.

Cool! I used a line to bypass it.

Yeah, that’s the <hr> tag I mentioned. HTML for “horizontal rule.” Discourse generates one for you if you type --- on a line by itself, and there might be a UI button for it somewhere in the rich editor.

Cool, learned something new today! BTW, that was the first time I ever tried it :)

Oh man, there’s all kinds of fun stuff you can do in the Discourse editor. It’s by far the best rich text editor I’ve ever used that isn’t a dedicated application.

It supports Markdown and HTML both, probably with some restrictions and gotchas but it’s really full-featured. I’m super impressed by it.

If you need negotiation ammo, remember kittens can improve your typing skills. Here Athena ensures I type with 100% accuracy by blocking all access to my Backspace key.

Honestly don’t know how you can get any work done with such awww-worthy cuteness right in front of you.

Awwwwwww… here are mine, enhancing student work.

Loving this! You two have the best kitties. Mine is not actually a kitty but cat. Hi jacking from other thread:

This is Tigger who appears to be extremely ADD so is difficult to get a picture of. He would be petted 24 humors a day if he could, and demands at least 1 hour of petting or will use my remotes to change my channels and tv settings til I do my job.

Here he is on my lap.

He also like to be my portable armrest on the couch.