Adventure Time (with Finn and Jake)

There is this new ‘toon on Cartoon Network that is worth checking out. I don’t think I’ve been as smitten by a children’s cartoon since the PowerPuff Girls. Anyways, this one is really nothing like that one; just sayin’. And as the father of two, youngest now 10, I have watched a lot of them.

Adventure Time is set in a surrealistic fantasy world sort of like an ongoing D&D campaign where the DM dropped quite a bit of acid. Also, the songs are a nice touch.

Intro & Theme Song

My kids love this show as much as I hate it. It’s shrieky and nonsensical and none of the characters have any positive qualities.

Wait, so this is a TV show now? I remember seeing a pilot or something of it on youtube 2 or 3 years ago. I didn’t envision it as the kind of thing that would be picked up.

Alright people, I’m giving you one more chance. OK, two more.

The creator, Pendleton Ward, submitted the pilot cartoon for a contest on Nickelodeon a couple of years ago where it won acclaim but ultimately was not picked up by Nick. So now Cartoon Network picks it up and Adventure Time is a big success.

What else… Oh, the voice of Jake (the dog) is John DiMaggio, best known as Futurama’s Bender. And Ricardio (the Heart Guy) was voiced by George Takei!

Other Promos:

Adventure Time - Epic

Finn Time

Jake Time

“I’ll slay anything that’s evil, that’s my deal!” - Finn

I watched this with my kids the other night and I loved every minute of it. It’s so weird and twisted - you know when your kids say things that are completely surreal and bizarre, but perfectly sensible from a kid’s point of view? That’s what this show is. Pure distilled awesome.

My 8-year-old, who loves most everything fantasy and gaming, thinks this show “sucks” (direct quote). I’ve not seen it yet, so I have no opinion, but as long as it’s not that fucking Chowder show I’m in favor of it.

You should see it, charmtrap. I think it gets weirder for every episode. It’s really algebraic!

hahahaha. Cartoon Network has been shoveling a lot of crap lately. Camp Lazlo and Flapjack can join Chowder in the deepest hole available for tossing. The only new thing they have that isn’t absolute garbage is Johnny Test.

My taste is so radically different from yours.

Chowder and Flapjack are the best shows on CN proper in a long time. Adventure Time isn’t bad. It reminds me a lot of an adult swim show aimed at kids.