Advice for a new desktop.


LOL. Don’t go back to the computer section of Amazon for starters. At least that is my solution.


No. That’s an Athlon FX processor. Those were old and dated when they were released 5 years ago.

What shops can you buy from FYI?


Not a huge fan of the FX 580 card but it is about the same as the GTX 1060.

Oh didn’t see you’d already purchased. 1070 is a good card. Good luck!


In my uninformed, dabbler computing guy’s opinion, SSD are just the single most impressive improvement in performance and quality of life. I had no idea until I almost incidently got one. To put a stupid allegory, it felt like going from 8bits to 16bits in the console world.


An SSD can single-handedly save an old rig. Our second machine is an old AMD Phenom 720 x3, with an nVidia 660 GTX video card.

On an old HDD, lots of stuff is unplayable. With an SSD, it can play Witcher 3.


They are speculating this at ~$170 (i3-8350k). If that price holds up, it is $30 under the Ryzen 1600 and the i5-7600. However, the 7600 looks like it might be worth the extra $30…

On the video card side, is there anything at the 1060 3GB ($200) price point that compares?

Despite that old system in my post above being Witcher 3 capable…somehow… it still could use a boost and the two parts above are what I’d be eyeing for Xmas time (since I have to keep two systems going, I have a ceiling of about $200 per CPU/GPU…)


I wish I could help you but honestly I’m not even sure what the 1060 is capable of. I read in some benchmark somewhere that the 6gb version was 15% faster but twice the price, so I “settled” for this so to speak.

Got to say, I was anticipating buyer’s remorse but I’m feeling buyer’s anticipation. It should arrive in a week.


I’ve never shipped anything to my tiny little island before…

If you like I can report back once everything is set up.


The 6GB version isn’t twice the price here, but it is still decently more and hard to judge how much gain. I don’t think you ‘settled’ too badly.

EDIT: And now that I look closer, if I’m focused on the 1060 (the price jump to 1070 is too steep and I’ll be at 1080p for the foreseeable future anyway), it looks like even the lower-end Ryzen chips are more than sufficient. Amazingly, I’ve seen some stats showing a 1300 being enough to suitably drive a 1060. Considering the Ryzen’s come with a stock cooler, that could be quite the savings.


Games like GTA: V will work much better if you have a 6GB graphics card vs a 3GB. In-game, there is a slider where you can choose how many car or pedestrian varieties you wanted, and as you slide, they showed how much GPU RAM is needed. But if you don’t play GTA V, 3GB is enough.



I have never played any of the GTA games, or Farcry, or pretty much any FPS except some of the original Call of Duty, and Wolfenstein in the last millennium.

I’m not sure what kind of gamer that makes me!

I have played, and continue to play, a great deal of strategy games, ans some Thief and some of the 1st Dishonoured.

And a fair few rpgs.

Really I just want to load up TWW2 or AoW3 on a large screen and have the computer sing to me sweet Conanlike songs of crushing my enemies and seeing them flee before me.

It’s somewhat…immersion breaking doing it on my laptop when it overheats and dies in the middle of a fight.


I think 3GB of VRAM should be enough for you, honestly :)


If you game at 1080p, 3GB VRAM is OK. Not great, but OK.

I certainly wouldn’t buy an AMD CPU other than Ryzen unless it was an outstanding deal. And even then, Coffee Lake is extremely impressive at the low-end. You’ll be able to get an i3-8100 with 4 cores at 3.6Ghz for a whopping $130.


It’s been a while since I had a desktop but aren’t they considerably more flexible, as in I can upgrade the card in a year’s time if I wish…

Hell can’t I just put in an additional card?

I’ll check out the case when it arrives, see what’s doable.


Oh yes. Much more easily upgraded. Pretty much everything is replaceable from storage to graphics card to simple ram upgrades. So long as your motherboard and power suppply can handle it. And of course those can be swapped too.

I haven’t had a desktop in about five years and it’s amazing how much room I have in the case. The mobo covers maybe a third of box and the drives are slid in against a wall behind the mobo so take up almost no room.


PCGAMER agrees with you.

Hmmm…one is slightly unamused, but one refuses to have buyer’s remorse. What’s done is done.


It is a horrible game. No matter how long you wait, plan, price-check, etc., something better will come out two weeks later. The lesson I’ve learned is to NOT check out new technology or price-check anything ever until you are ready to buy. And as soon as you do buy, do not look again for 2-3 years until the next upgrade.


@Daagar you, sir, are absolutely correct.

Anyway, I realised I actually ordered a GeForce GTX 1070 8GB card and not the 1060 3 gb that I thought.

At least that’s what Amazon are saying.

Will check when it arrives. Am getting impatient. Laptop took 3 tries to boot up today,


whoa… that’s a super awesome card but it’s twice the price, isn’t it?



Well I believe so, but I bought it as a package so can’t really say.

So, progress, my monitor and keyboard arrived today. I am not sure it’s cheaper for Amazon to deliver things separately, but they do, and I didn’t check the option to group them together…anyway, new keyboard is delightfully springy and responsive, and a nice change from using a laptop, and the ? works properly. I was using alt+shift± 63:


It’s finally here.

Quiet as a mouse so far, boots windows up in about 10 seconds…just all round sexy.

GTX 1070 is…huge.

The computer has 4 fans…it’s…just wonderful.

well right now I’m thinking it was worth the wait and hassle. Horribly surprised the other day to find out that I had to pay customs…on a product from one EU country to another…apparently the Canary Islands have their own rules that msupercede EU regulations (which does rather make on wonder about Brexit…:S).

At this point I was already committed so I paid the robbery money just to get my own property. And I don’t regret it.