Advice for a new desktop.


And when you finally get the right game for it, it will be all worth it. I thought GTA V will be that game, but it turned out, I am not ready for another GTA. And fortunately for me, The Division clicked. And it’s the game I was glad I had the PC to play on. Hope you will find that ONE game for you.


This thread and warhammer inspired me to build a new system. I haven’t built one in 10 years. I’ve actually just been using a laptop for a long time.

Pretty much did the mid-tier Techreport people linked upthread, with an AMD and an ATI 1070. The coolers are pretty quiet and fairly low power to my surprise. That AMD CPU is 65 watt. The video card is ~120 Watt.

I had a moment of panic because the freaking video card fans aren’t on. A quick google shows they don’t spin up till the card hits 70 celcius. AFAIK i have not seen the card spin up during warhammer yet.

In case anyone is curious I ended up with:

G.Skill 16 GB (2 x 8) $160 - probably could have saved some money here but i was in a rush.
Seasonic 650 80+ Gold.
AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Gigabyte GA-AX370-K5 $140 - can save $20 with K3 or something, as far as i can tell it’s just not as good onboard audio.

These added up are $650. Then add video card/SSD/case of your choice.

edit: oh yeah I forgot. If you got time install an old W7 first so you can get a free W10 upgrade. I did not do this so now I have to go buy a W10 key grumble.

edit: for this MB the vanilla sound drivers gave me sound only on one channel. needed to install ones from gigabyte. Everything else seemed straightforward.


You can just activate win10 using your old win7 key.

When you install win10, pick the option to add the key later. Then once you’re running win10, use the win7 key and you’re golden.


Oh that’s good to know.

I had a bunch of problems. I think I installed W10 on top of an old W7 system, and booted once or twice. Then I transfered that SSD to a brand new system. I actually forgot I had W10 already in there. Once it started booting I was too happy to try to test Warhammer on it. It’s been like a week and now it’s bitching about activation.

Too many headaches, nothing seems to work so I guess I have to go buy a brand new key somewhere :(



I recently bought a rig from IBuyPower (I hate that name), but couldn’t pass it up. My 7+ year old PC was going BSD on me daily, and couldn’t handle new games, even with an SSD I added 2 years ago.

I don’t have the patience, desire or time to build my own anymore…hell, this one sat in the box for more than a week at home before I finally set it up. 16 GB RAM, GTX 1070 GPU, i5 7600 CPU (which is fine with me), Asus Z270 Mark 2 MB, 1 TB SSD boot, 2 TB data HDD… all about $1,300. I’ll cannibalize my old PC for optical drives, card reader and additional data SDDs and HDDs. Perhaps more than I would have paid for parts and W10 license, but my time is worth a couple of hundred $. To IBuyPower’s credit, it was 100% plug and play into my speaker/keyboard/monitor/mouse setup. Literally 10 minutes to swap it out, another 10 minutes to add printers.

[edit] - And it’s QUIET. I can’t even tell it’s on. I know that’s old stuff now but it’s new to me.


That’s a pretty good deal, imo because of the GTX 1070… and that 1TB SSD.


Optical drives grandpa? For your LPs is it :)


How else do you install WordPerfect and Quicken?


Exactly! And what about all those AOL install disks he has collected. :)


You jest, but… !!

I copied the original disk to my c:\ drive to change the compatibility properties to install.

Now get off my lawn.


SUBST A:\ C:\Temp\Quicken /d


I feel like I’m going through a mid-life crisis, but only with respect to my identity as a PC gamer. With the holiday sales going on, I turned around and noticed that I haven’t upgraded my current PC since I built it at the beginning of 2012. Frankly, I’m not sure if I minded all that much.

Still, given the identity crisis, I thought I’d address the issue. So I start pricing out parts to build a new mid-level system on my own, but I also look around for pre-built systems, given the relative indifference I feel about needing an upgrade. Ended up going with my very first pre-built system, after building my own for all these years.

Found what I think is a great deal on a Dell refurbished XPS 8920 from their Dell Outlet site.

i7-7700, Radeon RX 580 8GB, 24GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, 1TB 7200 HDD. $805 out the door.

I would have liked a 1070 or 1080, but because this was a refurb, they didn’t have any upgrade options. Plus, the price difference would have been significant. I figure with the relatively strong CPU and RAM that this has, I can upgrade the GPU in 2-3 years. Overall, I was surprised how much of a system I could get for $800.


Great deal, go for it. The RX580 will smoke any 1080p game you throw at it and do pretty well in 1440p too.


I’m afraid your opinion is invalid, as you are using IE to browse the web.


Yeah. I pulled the trigger and will now join the unwashed ranks of pre-built gaming PC owners.


I’m curious of your experience with Dell. Many years ago our company (Intel) had a xmas deal for employees and we could get a Dell desktop - it was the biggest POS I’d ever encountered. My plan was to just grab the CPU out of it for another rig and then re-use as much as possible - but I couldn’t re-use either the case or the power supply because they were completely non-standard. I couldn’t use the PS in any other case and the case was so custom, you coudn’t even put in another Mobo & video card.

To this day, I will never buy another Dell due to those two things. Are they using standard components these days?


Cheap dell laptop lines (latitudes, etc) used to be terrible, but their desktops have always been basically fine. They did use nonstandard components though, not sure if that’s still the case. It’s just a google away.


Dell and Asus laptops are great! They’re good quality and very affordable, if not cheap.


Dell desktops are usually fine/good but you are right in that you shouldn’t ever expect to reuse any components from them, including the case.


Yeah, a lot of Dell stuff is non-standard, particularly in their lower end systems. That said, the refurb I got is from the XPS line, which is on the higher end. I’ll know more in about a week when it arrives.