Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Yes that’s right. Your GPU drivers support it. So basically AMD cards right now, but Intel plans to support it too.

Microsoft just announced that the Xbox Scorpio would support adaptive sync too, so I would expect new TVs to start coming with this feature very shortly. And the PS4 will probably get a software update to enable it, which should be possible.


Probably should just google this, but always thought Displayport was super-HDMI, so what’s the point of USB-C?


Oooh, cite? Timeframe?


You can transport displayport over the physical USB-C connector. The mac laptop only has USB-C ports, remember.

No timeline and they haven’t said anything about it since 2015.


We’re not there yet, and we may never be there, but it will be a glorious world if/when 10 years (or whatever) from now all peripherals are USB-C enabled. Considering it carries pretty much any signal and power simultaneously, it could finally be the demise of a mass of tangled wires under a desk.

As an owner of a USB-C only laptop, it’s mildly annoying to have a dongle or two to support older peripherals – and granted, I’m not somebody who relies on a lot of peripherals – but it’s really not that much of a hassle. My wife also has a USB-C only laptop. I bought her one of these and it’s arguably been less of a hassle than having a laptop with more ports because now she keeps everything plugged into that and only has to plug one thing into her laptop when she returns to her desk.


Yep, it’s a minor annoyance now and will be a marked advantage in a year. Only bummer is the lack of a SDcard slot, that enrages a lot of people.

And of course it’s still hard to find great TB3 docks that do everything you want.


I’ve come close to biting on a 27" GSync 4k monitor, but I’d really rather go a little bigger - like @John_Reynolds, I think the PPI is overkill for a panel like that, and I’ve got a bit panel right now. So 32" or so would be perfect. However, the few 32" 4k GSync panels available (16:9, not ultrawide) are still terribly expensive. None of the tech sites I read have indicated that prices will be coming down anytime soon. Does anyone here have any insight into the market, specifically if there is some impending shift (e.g. HDR, new fabrication tech) which could bring prices down for these models?


Unless I’m missing something, this seems like a good deal for an external monitor. Not sure if it’s great for gaming, but for having extra real estate while working…


So I’m looking for a new monitor. I have some requirements that are minimums for me.

For work reasons, my desktop monitor has to be:

2560 x 1400 minimum resolution

Now, obviously it’d be cool to get some of that groovy adaptable sync tech for my gaming with that. I should mention that I’m using an NVDIA 1080 GPU.

I guess I have some questions:

  1. FreeSync monitor will do zilch for me, since my graphics aren’t AMD, right? Like, there’s no way to force a 120hz refresh, or no way to benefit from doing so?

  2. If I do go with G-Sync, am I really screwing myself by looking at a TN panel vs. IPS? I’m typically playing games sitting in front of my screen.

I’m trying to keep this as close to $600 or under as possible.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Nvidia doesn’t support adaptive sync without the gsync module, so you won’t get that functionality. If it’s a 120Hz monitor you can certainly run it at 120Hz, the refresh rate will simply remain at 120Hz and not drop down to whatever your exact framerate is at any given point.

Modern TN panels are much better than they used to be. I have the 27" dell g-sync 144Hz monitor at home and it’s gorgeous-- very thin bezel and the screen is certainly not any worse than the IPS 27" monitor I have to its right. Highly oblique viewing angles have weird colors but it’s a computer monitor, I’m always staring dead on.


Thanks. It’s the Dell TN panel specifically that I was looking at, so that’s very helpful.


Great monitor, and I got a hell of a deal on a refurb from the dell outlet.

Holdover until 4k g-sync HDR IPS or even OLED panels become reasonably priced.


I’ll disagree with stusser here. While TN panels are better than they once were, I tried a 28" 4k one two years ago and the blacks were horrible on it. The contrasts were bad, really bad. I’m talking go into a cave in an RPG and expect to not see anything until you crank the brightness on the display through the roof.


I can’t speak to whatever POS you saw, but the Dell has great contrast and was startlingly bright until I dialed it down.


It’s widely known TN panels do not have the contrast of IPS panels, so there’s no need to assume I bought a “POS”.

A lot of early G-sync displays went with TN panels for quicker response time, but you’re trading image quality for it.


Weirdly, every review for that Dell TN panel remarks about how much better it does blacks than IPS panels do.

Also, I’ll be able to get that Dell for $490 locally, and can take it back to Microcenter if there’s a bad pixel on it.

There are no IPS g sync monitors available locally for under $750. I’m not spending that.


I’ve read views where it’s stated its colors are not as vibrant as IPS displays.

I just wanted to point out that TN panels do not match the image quality of IPS or other newer panel types, generally speaking. If that’s not an issue and its other features, and price, are what you’re after, by all means grab one.


Well…yeah. But the same reviews mention that it’s mostly noticeable if you’re doing photo or video editing. As one reviewer pointed out, with most games you can set the color saturation as rich as you’d like.

I’m replacing an 27" ips panel. It was nice. I’m working on a circa 2008 25" Samsung TN panel, and the only big issue I’ve had–beyond the smaller native resolution ans small screen–is noticing some viewing angles right when I sit down at my desk.


Despite some snarky retorts, I don’t think you guys are essentially disagreeing. There’s no doubt that IPS is generally better tech, but TN hasn’t gone away and has gotten better, so it may be a better option in terms of bang for buck.


3 hours of gaming with a g sync monitor, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back. It really is something to experience firsthand. Videos don’t do it justice.