Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


It’s almost hard to describe, especially after 20+ years of fixed refresh rates.


Is there a link to it?


I love it so much. I generally care more about games looking nice than having blazing fast frame rates, but screen tearing makes me crazy. Now that’s a thing of the past.


Microcenter is where I got mine. I had a $50 promo code.

Still, $499 is a nice price.


This reviewer’s experience has been pretty similar to mine thus far.

I did have to turn off “smooth scrolling” in chrome and firefox to keep text ghosting when scrolling from happening, but whatevs.


See, while of course a subjective issue to me its colors look washed out (Youtube compression?) and the black areas early in the video in the new Doom game looked like what I saw on the TN display I tried a few years ago. Just doesn’t compare to a good IPS panel, though as the reviewer noted there are trade-offs and you won’t have bad corner glow with a TN unit.

I’m an image quality person though, I’ll crank a game’s settings up through the roof and happily play at 35fps compared to higher frame rates and reduced eye candy.


We are peas from the same pod in that regard


I am surrounded by monsters


I bought a new monitor. I decided I was not ready for 4k until I can get >60Hz, so maybe later this year.

I also needed to do a stealth upgrade as my venerable Benq 24" 16:10 is on it’s last legs, occasionally refusing to come out of sleep.

So I grabbed a 27" AOC 165Hz 1440p G-Sync model - AG271QG. Fits snugly in my setup with no alterations, 144Hz+ is nice, G-Sync seems great, resolution bump is fantastic.

But, I think I have a problem. Something just seems off on the colour uniformity and I am not sure if is supposed to be like this. It is the AU Optronics AHVA panel that is in most of the the current 165Hz monitors - Viewsonic, Acer, etc.

My panel seems to have a yellow tinge that begins lightly and steadily grows more pronounced from about the mid point of the monitor to the bottom, across the entire width but slightly stronger in the corners, particularly the left. This is hugely noticeable on a white or grey screen. When browsing QT3 I can scroll the page and notice the background colour change as the text moves into the lower screen. It’s quite distracting and no amount of tweaking the settings seems to do anything. If you use f.lux, it’s like the top half of the monitor is at 6500k, and the bottom half is at around 6000k. There is nothing odd about my viewing angle, I am maybe 1.5ft distant, center with eye level at about 3/4 monitor height.

Is this normal? I don’t think so. Some reviews mentioned a ‘yellow’ corner glow as may be typical with IPS panels (AHVA being similar), but the demonstration pics were on black screens and looked similar to corner glow I have experienced. I have never come across anything that manifests like this. Is this normal for AHVA, or do I have a dud?

I can’t quite capture a picture that demonstrates the extent of the issue, having only my mobile camera handy. Might charge up the SLR for a better shot.


That sounds awful. I’d RMA it for sure.


Yeah, if there’s a noticeable color variance from one part of the screen to another, it can be normal.


Gonna take it back tomorrow, this shit just ain’t right. You can see this band of uneven colour/temperature change quite prominently from a downward looking angle.

It does not look like much, but it sure is noticeable when text scrolls to the lower half of the screen.

This is a comparison of the same text in different portions of the screen taken in the same camera shots (first on phone, second on SLR). Master images were taken from around 1.5 meters dead-on in ambient midday light. My text was conveniently placed in upper and lower portions of the screen courtesy of Adam’s quoting me.



Obviously, my cameras are not quite reproducing QT3’s actual background colour all that well, but the demonstrable point is difference between the upper and lower portions.

Surely this can not be normal for an AHVA panel? I am certain I have never seen a monitor this noticeably bad in this regard. I am confident this is not ‘IPS glow’ as a black screen test actually looks not too bad at all and certainly acceptable enough.


DisplayCAL uniformity test with my old Spider2. The Spider, while still supported, is so damn old I am not sure how much use it is, but it certainly picks up the variation I can see with my naked eye. This was with a generic wide gamut correction applied.

Taking it back tomorrow, but they want to test it, so I suspect it will be a pain in the ass. None of my other monitors over the years have ever been like this.


Returned it today. They tested it to have a look and could not see much of anything. Hard to look for a transitioning yellow tint on the lower portion of the screen when you change to a verdant green desktop background. You need to look at white or grey, I said, before just going around there myself and loading up a test pattern on YT, at which point the guy grudgingly admitted seeing a colour variation in both white and grey, before kicking me back around the counter and testing himself for another few minutes to then claim I must have better eyesight than him because he still can’t see anything unusual.

Anyway, he was reticent to give me a replacement in case of the same issue and was equally reticent to break a new one out to test in store, so I took a refund. All’s well that end’s well, I guess.

Back to my previous config as I reassess my options now. Ye olde BenQ is just going to have to soldier on a little longer. It’s got me gun shy about those AHVA panels now. I swear this was a genuine issue, four days of using the panel and it was driving me nuts - but without getting to see another panel, I can’t be sure it was genuinely a defect or an AHVA peculiarity. I am sure it was not bleed and I am sure it was not, at least wholly, AHVA glow, as the problem did not go away on changing viewing angle or position.

That same AHVA AU Optronics panel is in all the 144Hz+ 2k ‘IPS’ models floating around at the moment (Acer, Asus, AOC, Viewsonic, etc), so I might have to find a store that has some on display for a look see.


I have the Acer and love it. I’ve never noticed anything like that, but I don’t use it for work and have probably never had it on a white screen like that. It also has no discernible bleed.


My local Wal-Mart has 55" Samsung and LG 4K TVs for under $500 now. I’m seriously considering buying one and using it alongside my 27". Somebody talk me out of it, quick!


Ok if you buy it you’ll have to drag the 27" out to the recycling place. Also having to replug all the wires is a pain and then you’ll have another remote. And Samsungs have like ads and they spy on you. Ok did that work?


No, I think I’m going to get a monitor arm and mount the 27 on it so I can swing it out of the way when I’m starting a game and then I’ll mount the 55" to the wall behind my desk! It’s gonna be frickin’ awesome!


I’ve been all-in on Nvidia, and G-Sync, just 'cause their top tier cards have been better for so long.

Man, I’d love it if Vega competes at 1080/1080-Ti levels for a better price. Even if it’s close, it’d be so nice to shop for all-around/gaming displays monitors without paying the G-Sync tax.


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