Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


When I built my dedicated gaming rig, I had 2 27" WQHD monitors and a 24" 1920x1200 monitor. I moved the 24 19K monitor to the gaming rig, not the bigger once. That resolution is fine at 24", but at 27" it starts to get blocky, and 1080P is even worse. 24" 1080P or 1920x1200 seems the sweet spot for gaming with a good mid/high graphics card.


Just make sure its an IPS panel, dems the sexy right there. I would avoid much larger than 24" if you are sticking with 1080p, personal preference but after that even 1080p looks a little enlarged and not quite as crisp. I myself would LOVE a 1440p 27" IPS panel, but they are a bit pricy for me atm. Also, I’m not sure I have room on my desk for 27" display unless I want to lose my second display (which will never, ever happen).


Korean IPS 27" 1440p monitors start at $210. I have this exact monitor myself. It’s gorgeous.

You can pay more for “perfect pixel” quality control, or to get a displayport if you need it. If you don’t feel comfortable buying on eBay Amazon has it too, but it’s much more expensive there right now. It’s so cheap, really you need to get one.


Wow, that is some price!!
Will have to do some googling if I can find it or an equivalent here in Europe…

Currently I’m tending towards biting the bullet and getting a 1440p & upgrading my gfx card in the next few months.


You’ll probably end up paying VAT unfortunately, but it’s VAT on a pretty great price. Seriously, $210 is a steal. I literally have that exact monitor. Used it for 2 years now.

Mine overclocks to 100Hz too, but YMMV there.


Have found it here on ebay, but the price is a bit higher (208€), but still less than half of what a Dell/Samsung one would cost.
The link you posted mentioned “off-grade”, ie containing errors… I gather that those aren’t really noticeable?


All of these panels are technically “off grade”, as the best ones are used by Samsung themselves. But no, not noticeable. If you’re concerned at all, pay extra for one marked “perfect”. But the price premium on that is high so I would just roll the dice.



Anyone own a curved monitor? Newegg has this 31.5" on sale for $350 and I am tempted:

I have a old 32" Samsung LCD 1080p tv (not LED) that I have been using for the last 5 years. Switching to LED for power/heat savings, along with a smaller desk footprint. I was wondering if curved screens are worth it, or are they just a fad…

I still don’t feel the need to bump up to 4k, unless people really feel its worth it. Plus then I’d need to get a more powerful graphics card. :p


If you have a Nvidia card you should definitively take a look at 27" or higher with G-Sync.


Oh, bleh. Don’t get a 31" monitor that’s only 1080p! :(

How close/far away do you sit from your monitor? If it’s like 3’ or something, you won’t really be happy with that size. As suggested, stick with 27" and go for 1440p if your video card can handle the upgrade nicely, and I’ve heard great things about G-Sync, as well, if you can swing it (I think you need a 900-series GeForce, right?)


Doesn’t need to be 900. Kepler or more recent, I think.


Thats what I am worried about, going into 1440p or higher is gonna require me to upgrade my video card or go sli.

So no comments / opinions on a curved screen?


I avoid SLI, I’m not terribly convinced by it tbh.

I like curved screens, though I’ve only sat before one for a little bit while setting up my son’s (a gift from his Grandmother, who didn’t like it). It’s a little bit of gimmick as a monitor though, since you probably sit pretty close to your display, but again I didn’t spend much time in front of one. I think a curved, large wide display could be interesting, but those ultra-wide displays require a lot of video power AND many games don’t support them. As a TV though… maybe? That all said, going curved is probably better than not going curved, depending on the price jump though.

PC Gamer had an article I read last month that got me interested in buying a PG279Q ASUS display, which I’m still contemplating as my main display.

It’s priced outside of my comfort zone, and I’d be worried my 780 GTX might have a tough time keeping up with the Ultra setting I typically enjoy in gaming at the 1440p point. Maybe after I upgrade my video card I’ll grab this or something like it.

In the 27" range, at 1080p (which I think is the highest size you’d want to go at 1080p and still be impressed with the “crispness” of the lines the images make) I do see a nice looking curved Samsung for $260 at Amazon.

In fact, I think this is the exact same display my son has. Huh. Too bad it’s not an IPS panel.


I have the Dell 34-inch curved screen and love it. However, it’s for the 34-inch size and insane 3440x1440 resolution, which combined fill your field of view and make for some awesome gaming. Witcher III and flight sims are amaaaaazing. Plus it has a built-in KVM, so I can use it with my Surface Book for work just by plugging in USB and DisplayPort and swapping inputs.

I wouldn’t get a 27-inch at anything less than 2560x1440 resolution, though. I was getting smooth frame rates at that rez with a pair of 660Tis (anyone need a pair ? :) before I upgraded to the giant Dell and moved that 27-incher to the family desktop.


How does the curve work out if the monitor doubles as a TV? Does sitting further back so you’re not in the middle of the sweet spot screw the viewing angles?


I actually don’t even notice the curve when using it. It’s nice – given the extreme width, having it completely flat doesn’t make sense – but it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t screw things up even if you’re at one side or the other.

Also, the viewing angles are insanely wide on the actual LCD, so even if it ends up accentuating the distance due to the curve, it doesn’t affect viewability.


So I had the fortune of marrying a gal that is allowing me to spend some of our tax returns on a new video card, I pre-ordered an EVGA 1080 GTX FTW when sales were opened up back Friday before last. Since I’m soon to have a card that can easily drive 1440p resolutions at speeds well in excess of what my 780 is doing with 1200p (my current display resolution) I thought I’d look into getting a great monitor. Not a “good” monitor, I want that sweet, sweet g-sync and 144hz as well as an IPS panel, which has finally arrived on few (pricey) options. The ACER Predator has an IPS version now, and the ASUS ROC Swift can do it, too.

I did a lot of shopping around, it seems folks tend to bend slightly towards the ASUS (though it’s $40 more expensive) though it seems everyone agrees there is a better than poor chance you’ll get a display with a defect and have to RMA it. That sounds like a PITA - you’d think at these prices you could be sure the display you purchase is going to be just about pitch-perfect. That’s aggravating.

I went to find out if anyone had talked about the PG279Q and imagine my surprise when I myself talked about it. I’m going to start the long, long process of putting a little aside each week to try and pick this up by year’s end, anyone have one of these? Any horror stories about defective panels? Without exception, the reviews have all touted this as the very best gaming display that’s not an ultra wide (I don’t have any interest in going ultra wide, not enough support and I worry about playing games that have problems playing in a window, plus I’m a dual-monitor guy) but I’m wondering if ASUS only sent cherry picked, perfect displays to review sites (I bet that’s exactly what they did).


Are there any IPS displays, at 27" and 16:9 1440p resolutions, that utilize G-sync (which I’ll finally be able to take advantage of with the 1080), and (maybe not as necessary) high refresh rates that I missed in my research? I consider a great monitor to be an investment - video cards come and go, but monitors last a LONG time if treated well and good quality. Also, it doesn’t matter how amazing your video card is if the monitor can’t do it justice. I’m also a big visual guy, over sound design for example, so vibrant colors (and smooth animation) are a big draw to me for gaming, in general.


pcpartpicker shows a Dell: Dell S2716DG


Well, I have the MG279Q which is pure awesome, especially considering I got it for free. Only one issue though, somehow a tiny ant has managed to lodge itself behind/in front of the panel and it looks like I have a couple of dead pixels. It’s driving me nuts on bright backgrounds. Like here.


I like that Dell, though it doesn’t haven an IPS panel which is a bit of a shame. Great price though, I’ll do some more research on it.