Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor

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I need a new monitor ASAP as my wife’s monitor crapped out and I gave her mine. I don’t want to spend too much money but I want something that will be decent for gaming. The thought is that I will get a nice gaming monitor eventually and this whole move to a second monitor position. My options so far are one of these:

If anyone has suggestions for something in the $300 to $400 range I’m willing to hear them! I want to order this by the end of the day so any quick input would be appreciated.


Wirecutter just posted their gaming monitor picks last week:


If you’re willing to go a bit higher with your budget ($450), the 27" version of Wirecutter’s budget pick is a fine choice:

Not worth the premium if you aren’t running nVidia for GSync.


I have the AOG P279Q and it’s amazing. But it was super expensive. I’d never have been able to make the leap if I hadn’t cashed a bunch of vacation time in at work to get a big chunk of cash. And it’s not like miles and miles better than the 27" 1440p Dell Ultrawide I had before (and is still my second display), which also looks gorgeous but is “only” 60hz. With a powerful enough video card, 60hz and no G-Sync isn’t that big of a deal because you’ll be playing everything in 1440p @60fps, and in my experience (and I’ve done the 144hz G-sync thing enough to know at this point, having had the new display half a year or so) that’s all you really need.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

I use that BenQ monitor at work. The display quality is excellent. Haven’t tried gaming on it, but I understand the latency is decent for a 60Hz monitor. I’d prefer a bezel that is less reflective, but that’s the only knock I have against it.


There used to be MORE consumer monitor makers weren’t there? NEC and Eizo/Nanao etc.


You mean NEC and Eizo?


Don’t appear to target end user consumers anymore.


I have an old Dell U2412M (24" 1920x1200 IPS), which has been a fine monitor, but I am kinda jonesing for one of those 34" 1440p ultrawide dealies. I do some amateur photo editing, so it needs to be good for both that and gaming. It doesn’t have to be awesome at both, just plain “good” is fine; I have a display colorimiter that can fix anything that’s not egregiously out of whack.

The problem is I am still rocking a nVidia 970 video card. Can it drive a 34" 1440p? If it can, does anyone have any product suggestions? I’d probably be willing to spring for Gsync, although Gsync plus a new video card is unlikely (thanks Bitcoin!).


I think it depends what you like to play. Some games should be fine on the 970, others you might need to turn things down a bit.

I don’t have the 34, or know if curved would be ok, but love my Acer predator.


Yeah, I gamed for 2 years at 1440p with a 970, and it was a very good match at that time. Not quite optimal, but very good.

When I bumped up to a 1070, it became apparent that 1440p was a perfect match for it. Still though, the 970 worked just fine for 1440p overall, with few exceptions. Don’t know how it would do with the new games, however. I suspect it’s still very viable.


I game at 2560x1440p with a GTX 960 and find it works great. It depends what kind of games you play, and your level of angst or frustration on using in-game settings to manage frame rates or need to use ‘maximum’ settings.

My most graphically demanding game is probably Far Cry Primal and it runs and looks the same as any other card. Witcher 3 also runs great.

Games I’m looking at now are Frostpunk, Battletech, and the Civ 6 expansion; all will continue to be fine at 1440p on my 960.


This is great information, thanks. I am usually not playing the latest greatest games, and don’t need to play at ultra settings, so it sounds like this will work out.

Any recommendations for particular models?


@Scott_Lufkin directed me here.

It’s a long thread and I can’t read all of it.

I have a perfectly serviceable monitor right no but I want something more shiny.

It’s a 24" Asus, works well.

I’d like either a bigger monitor (like massive, so I can watch stuff on it as well, possibly a small - 36"- modern flatscreen TV, as they all have hmdi inputs anyway, and honestly I’m not sure what the difference is anymore between those displays and computer centric displays…) or another 24" monitor, or 2, to make a multi screen affair.

That’d be less good for watching movies and shows (which I do only on occasion to be fair, and it’d still be better I assume than my current single screen, or at least not worse, or if it is worse I ca just use one screen anyway) but better for actual computer stuff, like reading, browsing the web, gaming, word processing, modding (which are the things I do, in order of time spent.)

Assuming multi-screen, how do you guys find the experience of spreading your games across several screens


I would recommend against getting a standard TV to use as a monitor. I tried it recently and you might run across issues like:

  • At 1080p, the DPI for a 36" or larger TV will look not great to you.
  • At 4k it’s fine, but many TVs, even today, don’t support HDMI 2.0, which means you’re stuck at 30Hz, which will destroy your brain.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of monitors at that size that are both 4k and support 60Hz (or even higher) these days.

For example there’s this one at 32"

Then there’s this even bigger one"+monitor


I’m currently looking at this:

For various (transportation) reasons, it makes more season for me to go via spanish amazon.

Thoughts on linked monitor?

Spanish amazon has your uber big monitor as well:

I’ll start saving my pennies now.


I’m saving up for a 1440p gsync 32" from LG that was on sale for $989 CAD recently:


Is there a point in getting a new monitor if my graphics card is 3-4 years old? It’s a bit hard for me to tell how much my setup can handle even though I feel like upgrading my monitor…


I wouldn’t spend a lot of money if your GPU is old but monitors without the fancy gsync and gaming features are relatively cheap. (<$300 for 27")

You can have valid OTHER non-gaming reasons like upping the resolution for work/productivity (be sure to get one in a matching aspect ratio of the max resolution your GPU can reliably push) or wanting a panel with better colour repro or viewing angles.