Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Rei posted this link before, but for a focus on gaming monitors and more specifically very high refresh rates, see and their official monitor list. Note that most of the ‘normal’ image quality metrics isn’t their thing; they’re all about the hertz.


Went with this last night as a replacement for my Dell U3415W 34" ultra-wide. $750 and no tax or shipping, selling the Dell to a buddy for $300.


I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t give up my Dell U3415 ultra wide. If I were more of a fps player these days I think the higher refresh rate and Gsync would be more compelling, but after using a 21:9 display for almost three years I can’t give it up. Plus the colors of a IPS panel are just slightly better to my eyes (though the VA’s blacks are very black).

Now to suck up Newegg’s 15% restocking fee.


Finally, it’s almost here, the gaming monitor that has it all… 4K, IPS, HDR, G-sync, 144Hz, 1,000 nits of brightness (wear your sunglasses!)… for US$2000:


That’s what I want in a monitor (assuming it looks as good as it’s specs suggest). I think the most I could rationalize would be $1,200 though, and with that I would need no dead pixel guarantee as well.

What’s with the silly hood though? It’s not big enough to actually make much a difference.


Yep, same. That hits almost every bullet point I’m looking for in my next monitor (although I’m looking at going ultrawide next). $2000 is laughably out of what I would consider spending, though. I’ll be happy to let the early adopters pick it up and get something like it 2-3 years down the road when it’s not quite so bleeding edge.


27" with 4k resolution is a silly combo, IMO. PPI is way too high. Now, if that was a 34"+ ultra-wide, I’d say it has it all.


I don’t know, my 27” 5k iMac looks amazing. Makes it hard to look at my standard 27” Dell PC monitor.


4K at 144 Hz? Looking forward to that :)


I have a 1080ti and I have doubts I’ll break 60fps @4k all that often*. I’ll look into this in a year when I can pick up an 1180ti and whatever the best 4k/HDR/Gsync display is at the time, I think.

*Retro gaming notwithstanding, of course.


Does Windows scale as well as Mac’s these days? Last I read it was getting better.


This is so, so sweet … 38" curved, 75hz, FreeSync, IPS, built in speaker, USB TYPE C! (and charges a MacBook Pro 13" and 15" with a single cable.
The price is a killer though!


I am solliciting your help again.
I need a very cheap monitor (below 200$), 1080p max. No 3D gaming is intended (it will be plugged to a Macbook for the time being, eew!).
I am just astounded by the number of offers, and feel as lost as the last time I requested help. Thank you in advance.


Dell has its Summer Black Friday going on. Tons of sales on monitors. I already have my Samsung 4K as my main display but thinking of two of these as portrait monitors to flank it.


$249 is bloody cheap for a name brand 1440p monitor.
Did not know prices on those had dropped that far.
edit: Well, obviously it’s a sale, that’s why; but still, that’s bloody cheap. I’d certainly grab one if I needed it.
edit2: Cripes. Now I’m sitting here trying to talk myself out of it.
After all, my little 19" secondary monitor is getting quite elderly…


I think this is the same monitor on Amazon, and I’m holding off because of the apparent backlight bleedthrough in the corners. Now, I expect a certain amount of this, but the photos accompanying two of the front page reviews look pretty awful.


You can scale to 125% and 150% normal value since Windows XP IIRC.

There might be (I dunno) third-party apps that can do more.

I always set mine to 125% (on a 23" monitor) unless some app I encounter does not support it.


15 months after buying a Dell S2716dg, I noticed that some faulty sleep settings had left my my work browsers (I typically work with two browser windows up, with slack/work stuff in one, and email/spreadsheets/word files up in the other half of the screen) had left an ugly, ugly image burn in the top quarter of the screen. Even using some online pixel fixing tricks…I could still see it in colors like light blue or light pink/orange.

Luckily, I sprang for a year of extended warranty.

Unluckily, Microcenter didn’t have an exact replacement model in stock anymore. I could get full credit for my original purchase price to a replacement, however.

So…for about $100 more, I got the ASUS PG279Q, a G-sync IPS panel that overclocks to 165. If you need that.

And although I was perfectly happy with the Dell S2716’s TN panel…holy crap. Going back to IPS is absolutely noticeable. Especially – and this is super important for me – in the case of eyestrain. I’d get done with an 8-9 hour day sitting in front of that Dell, and I’d have a migraine and need to just lay down and get 20 minutes of sleep to reset my head. This is just so much better in that regard, at least early on.

And yeah, the color clarity and vividness is noticeable.


You should send whoever processed your exchange a really awesome Christmas card. That’s a $2000 monitor.


ACK, sorry, corrected. It’s not the 4K monitor. It’s the ASUS PG279Q!!

Yeah, I don’t need the UQ. Yet. ;). That would’ve been very nice of them, though, haha!

(Corrected my post for posterity.)