Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


I have the LG 27UD68P and the vesa arm I had floating around doesn’t fit it. Does anyone have one they recommend?


So guys, this Acer Monitor is on sale today, and is just $100 more than the other 32" i was gonna get. Anyone have any experience with it?


Refurb, direct from Acer on eBay. Buy it today and use PICKSOON to get 15% off that price.


Man, not sure if I trust refurb. Might rather pay the extra $100 for the new unit. Still researching.


I think you have the equivalent of a death wish when it comes to spending money on computing.


Something else to consider – these pricey gaming monitors are prone to backlight bleeding, so you have to play the “panel lottery”, unfortunately. If it were me, I’d rather return a monitor to Amazon, because it’s super easy and hassle-free. I did this recently when I bought a 27" G-sync monitor. Had to return the first one. The second one was perfect.


Were that true I’d have already bought it.


Don’t think that’s an HDR monitor is it? I think if I were buying now I hold out for that.


The one I have my eye on is HDR.


I read 300 nit brightness is way down there when it comes to what HDR requires though. I think from memory 400 is about the minimum recommended, 600 classed as good and 1000 top end. I have no direct experience. Maybe read up on that?


The more expensive one is only 350 nits. I suppose it’s not the biggest deal.


Have the 27” 1440 Acer and Love it. Several of use here do




Thank you folks, after doing a lot of research, I’m gonna stick with my choice of the BenQ monitor.


And I lied. In doing measurements and research, it looks like 32" will be too large for my available space, so…

Is this the one you mean?


Yes, it is fantastic. I bought it June 2016 and paid 100 bucks more and it was worth every penny. But are you really going 1440p with that video card? The only complaint I’ve ever had with it is that the power button can be a bit finicky.


Well I’ve read and been told that 4K isn’t great under 32", so since I’m not getting that at the moment, I’m trying to figure out what’s the best out of all the options for 27", and so far a lot of the reviews point to 1440p 144Hz monitors.


If you’ve got a Fry’s/Microcenter/Best Buy near you, I would stop in and see if they have any 27" 4k monitors on display. I personally agree and find 4k too small on that size of screen, but you may like it. The 144Hz Gsync monitors are a good choice if you don’t want 4k.


Wish I could remember who else had bought the same one, so you could get more long term feedback. But from my experience I’d recommend it with no hesitation whatsoever. I went with the Acer over the Asus at the time because quality control seemed to be an issue on the Asus (which may have changed by now). No funky pixels on the Acer and no noticeable bleed even in a dark room.


I’ve got two of those right near me, so I totally plan to check them out in person if I can.