Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Hey Brian, there’s always this…

4K AND 144Hz, lol


Yeeahhhhh, not for $2,000…


That’s seriously the monitor I’m lusting after these days. I won’t spring at these price points, but if they can come down a little over the next couple years? Oh hell yeah.


Yeah, I’m leaning between that Acer and this Asus.


My Acer is going strong after two years. The extremely minor firmware glitch in the version I have should no longer be in any version being sold commercially, and that’s the only gripe I have about the thing. Best monitor I’ve ever owned.


Yeah, nice to see all the technology in one package. Now make em bigger and cheaper. And possibly ultrawide :)


As a wise man once said, two out of three ain’t bad.


Well that looks lovely. And it can be mounted on an arm. Hhmmm.


According to Reddit, Costco is selling that monitor for $800. You need a membership card though.


Hopefully Fry’s or Best Buy will have one for me to look at, because I’m gonna drive to both today to see if i can see some of these monitors in person.


That monitor doesn’t have HDR support, is that correct? Or did I miss it?


I think that’s right- no HDR… But a thousand dollar saving :/


Well both Fry’s and Best Buy were busts. They only had a few monitors, not all of them were working, and none were showing games.

I did really like the 34-35" ultra wide screens I saw, but I’m concerned that, due to the lack of space, I’d still have to sit too close to them (around 2 feet).

I might have to go to Costco next, or maybe drive an hour to the nearest Microcenter.


I think I’m about 2ft from mine… wouldn’t want to miss anything :)


Welp, after doing more measurements based on a wide variety of factors, such as how far I can sit from my desk, how much room my desk provides and so on, I’ve come to the conclusion that a 27" is the largest I can reasonably go while still having room for anything else. Like the computer itself, let alone USB hubs, speakers, Roland MIDI units, external hard drives, etc etc.

So I’m going to get what seems to be the highest-rated monitor of that size: the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q.

It may not be a step up in size, but it’s a massive step up in quality, which I’m fine with.



Can’t wait until Saturday to hook it up!



obligatory: do want :-)


I end up buying a monitor this weekend too:

One software I discover from this is Divvy

which lets me snap windows to any corner and any size. The interface is super easy to use, as though drawing a table in Word.


Ohhhhhhhh, congrats!


OMG YOU GUYS it’s so beautiful!