Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor

I mean the number is higher, so it’s probably better. I already have my $1,000 ready.

An incoming ultrawide that claims to have the full deal: High, variable refresh rates plus HDR.

On one hand I like new shiny. On the other, my 60Hz SDR ultrawide seems just fine :/

I wish 21” monitors that don’t suck were still being made :/. At this point even 24” i’d take.

No-one thinks of the hobbits.

Holy cow, that monitor is going to be so expensive. The Gsync2 module alone adds $500 to the price tag.

That was the unicorn I was looking for in my monitor purchase last year, but I’m damn happy with my Alienware gsync ultrawide. I won’t be in the monitor market anytime soon.

Article says $1500-$2k, so yeah.

Yeah, it’s a great monitor, very happy with mine, especially at the sale price. I can’t hit 120hz most of the time so that’s a non factor for me, but it’s nice to have the headroom.

HDR is a draw, but PC support is horrendous, so no reason to upgrade for that anytime soon.

Now I just need to figure out a DP cable that works at 120hz. I had a 10foot that worked fine, but I needed 12 and only found 15. Turns out both 15 foot cables I bought won’t go above 60hz at 1440p UW. Sigh. Since I can’t hit 60fps in Watch Dogs 2 right now anyways with a 2080 I am just kind of punting on the issue. But I would like 120hz for the desktop.

They still sell the U2415 24". It’s cheap now! $220. It’s IPS and pretty good. Not as good as 2405 if you are a graphic designer or something but great for everyday use.

Looked nice in Anthem, Division 2 and Destiny 2.

As I said, horrendous!

Mostly kidding. None of those games are my cup of tea.

Plus ubigames and Metro Exodus I think… And ME Andromeda.

Looks like it’s catching on…

I have concerns about eyestrain (or worse) from looking at HDR content for extended periods of time. Maybe those concerns are misplaced, but there’s been a lot of news about bright screens causing damage to the eyes. I’m willing to let someone else be the guinea pig for HDR.

Me too but the guinea pig stage at least seems underway now.

What kind of damage are bright screens supposed to cause? I’m no doctor, just sound strange considering how bright sunlight is.

You try sitting 18" from the 🌞.

I am using a capable ultrawide from HDR and yes, Division 2 is bright and vivid but in-game, there are dials for you to turn down HDR brightness. And don’t forget you can always turn down your monitor brightness physically. So, it doesn’t bother me that much but, I don’t think HDR is a big deal in terms of giving you a different experience. It’s just very vivid colours.

The other thing about HDR which I don’t like is that Windows desktop does not support it well. You could turn it on in Windows and your background wallpaper will look nice but you can’t use Firefox with it because website look washed out. HDR is only usable in full screen games and movies.

I’m thinking in particular of the study findings from a few months back indicating that blue light can damage retinal cells.

I mean, it could be wrong, or the media outlets jumped to conclusions that the study didn’t support. But my eyesight is marginal enough as it is, and I’m not looking for ways to make it worse.

If you are unlucky enough to wear spectacles, they now come with some coating that will filter away blue light, so game away!

Have you tried it recently? There’s a slider to adjust SDR content. By default it’s pretty washed out, but adjust the slider until it isn’t.

I did. That SDR slider does not make any difference. It’s still not practical to turn it on For browsing and general Windows use.