Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


I have three independant wall mounted ergotron arms. It was humorous/self validating watching the handy guy install them because it was an even bigger pain in the arse than I imagined. If I ever move it will be a triple head desk clamp mount.


Those Ultrawides look even more tempting now :)


Yeah, to wall-mount you need to find the studs and all that jazz, pain in the butt. You have a desk, easier to clamp to it.


So did anyone actually wind up getting the ASUS PG279Q, or its near-twin the Acer XB271HU? If so, any impressions?

I’m thinking of letting go of my current monitor (a clunky 1440p 27" from the first wave of Korean ones a few years ago) and getting something that will last me for a long time. Those seem to be the only ones that hit all the specs I want (IPS, 27", 1440p, G-Sync, >60Hz refresh rate). I’m kind of tempted by the ultrawides, but don’t think I can justify the additional price or desk space.

Are there rumors of anything better coming down the pipeline in the next few months, or would that wait all the way until CES?


I ended up getting the ultra wide Asus PG348Q. It cost a small fortune but it is an amazing gaming experience on my recently upgraded PC.

My only regret is that it forced my hand for a PC upgrade so I could do it justice. [emoji4]


I have the Acer version on the wishlist. Thing is my Dell 2407 is still great after 9 years :/


I just got the Acer and a 1070 FE last week. Very happy so far. No bad pixels. No black light bleed. I like the matte screen. While the look is aggressive, it isn’t quite as overbearing as it looks in pictures (the red color is a bit darker than is represented in pictures). Doesn’t look or feel cheap to me. Stand seems solid.

The one thing I thought was a little odd is that there’s a groove that runs around the screen between it and the frame that I am sure will collect tiny bits of stuff and may be a bit tougher to clean.


Yeah, I’ve both the Dell 2407 and 2408 dual-displayed and, although I really would like to jump into something modern, they are still going strong. By the time I do make the change I’ll be able to make a huge leap for a lot cheaper than today’s prices for the specs I want.


I’m having difficulty choosing between these two as well. One thing I did notice that I don’t think has been mentioned yet is that the Acer has 3 times the warranty period, in Australia at least (36 months vs 12 months).


Holy crap, $1000+ for a monitor? My wife would kill me if I tried that. There must be something decent around the $300-400 mark to replace my ancient 1650x1080 Samsung.


Ditto. Though, my wife would also kill me if I replaced my old $300-$400 1080p monitor from 2009 if hadn’t broken down or something first. As long as it works, why replace it? I feel the same about our TV too. If either item does eventually stop working, then it will be time to replace with something better.

I remember my huge 21 (24?) inch CRT monitor back in 1999 lasted me just fine through 2006, but when it was time to move away from Seattle to Kansas City, there was no way I was lugging that thing across the country. So just sheer size and weight was a factor in giving that one up.


As someone recently divorced, I enjoyed the splurge!


The latest batch of cheap 4K tv’s come with HDMI 2 allowing 60hz. Since I needed a new monitor for work, and just to test, I bought a 43" 4k Vizio E43U-D2 for $450, expecting it would be a failed experiment and then I would know.

Oh my god I love this TV as a monitor. Since it doesn’t have a tuner, it essentially is a glorified display with home theater hookups. I work in a lot of applications at once and connected to multiple RDC sessions all over the world. 4K is plenty of resolution to sit close and focus on just the area of the monitor I’m working on at a time. All the extra HDMI ports allow me to hook up a game machine at the same time, and the optical out lets me connect to an older, but still very nice receiver.

I’ve been working on 60hz for years with traditional PC monitors and its fine. Mouse tracking is smooth. Color seems about right… I am not color correcting to press on this monitor. For gaming, I push my seat back a bit and enjoy super high rez. I have a gtx970 and honestly it does just fine in 4k for an awful lot of older games… and I can easily switch to a lower resolution if I need to.

Economy of scale makes this way cheaper than something equitable made for computers. I’m sold on using a TV as a monitor now that HDMI 2 ports are available on the cheapest models.


Heh, my wife is the one pushing to “get that godawful plasticky eyesore out of our bedroom” in the first place (it is pretty ugly, to be fair). Just replacing it with an equivalent model (1440p 27" IPS) runs around $400, which is a lot to pay for a mere cosmetic upgrade, so pushing the budget to $750 for something fantastic is a bit of an easier sell. (Also we just got her a new iMac, so she doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on re: overpriced computer stuff).


Ah yes, the old “buy expensive gift to ameliorate even greater expenditure on self” strategy.


So I ended up getting the ASUS PG279Q. I was swinging that way anyway purely on aesthetics, but my hand was forced when the Acer was suddenly sold out!

Anyway, you know how I’m always whinging when games can’t hit 60hz? Yeah, that’s right - now I’ll be whinging when they can’t hit 166! ;)


Anyone have a Dell 3415W?

I am VERY tempted… I am sure my gtx1070 will be ok. Though I could probably flip it easily for a gtx1080 if needed.


So, what’s the go on 21:9? Anyone using one? What res? Has it changed your life? Do you sleep with it under your pillow and whisper it sweet nothings so it continues to bestow upon you the glories of ultrawide gaming, or at the very least, ultrawide productivity?

Inquisitive minds need to know.


Wondering the same thing! :)

Lots of reviews that deal with 21:9 on youtube seem super positive.

I know Blizzard doesn’t care for 21:9. :p


I literally have that same deal in my cart :)

Go and get it from Smile.Amazon though.

And remember Discover are doing 5% cashback for Amazon at the moment, I think :)